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  1. I could care less if San Jose went into the finals. My hate for other teams is not as high as my love for the Wings so when the Wings are booted out, I only semi-watch the NHL. THe combined s***ty effort by the refs in all the series left in the 2nd round would probably give me an aneurysm
  2. Hawks, besides Kane I really don't mind chi town. chi-pit final, that should be a fun time I also hope Montreal takes Pitts at least to 6 games
  3. As soon as the disappointment wears off, I realize I love the off-season and all the possibilities that this team has! I don't think Lid is retiring, but i guess we'll find out! A glimmer of hope appears
  4. I feel terrible. I absolutely feel that the San Jose Sharks did not earn this series. With that said, I don't think the Wings would have had enough gas to beat Chicago had they made a miraculous comeback in this series, but I sure would feel vindicated. Man my ass is gonna be busted by lukewarm Flames fans come Monday....
  5. As much as I hate Kane's stupid face, I hope they tear San Jose a new ass
  6. Alright boys, lets pack up clubs into the cart. Im going golfing!
  8. I think its safe to say the the refs had a DIRECT impact on that goal. Anyone who argues otherwise is an idiot, yes it was a turnover but the play should have never been in our end.
  9. we were f***ed out of an interference call. the play shoulda been on the other end of the ice. goal should be void. ref says "I didn't see it"
  10. yayayayaya howie!!
  11. PP boys...LETS DO THIS
  12. Alright first PK...didn't see it but my guess it has to do with a SJ dive
  13. calm down guys...really, this is the first game after a 7-1 blowout. What do you expect for the very first period after that loss? If we ride out the storm we'll be fine!
  14. We got this!