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    Homer's slashing penalty and Z's disallowed goal

    The rule is 74.1 Too Many Men on the Ice - Players and goalkeepers may be changed at any time during the play from the players' bench provided that the player or players leaving the ice shall be within five feet (5') of his players' bench and out of the play before the change is made. Refer also to Rule 71 – Premature Substitution. At the discretion of the on-ice officials, should a substituting player come onto the ice before his teammate is within the five foot (5') limit of the players' bench (and therefore clearly causing his team to have too many players on the ice), then a bench minor penalty may be assessed. If in the course of making a substitution, either the player entering the game or the player (or goalkeeper) retiring from the ice surface plays the puck with his stick, skates or hands or who checks or makes any physical contact with an opposing player while either the player entering the game or the retiring player is actually on the ice, then the infraction of "too many men on the ice" will be called. 74.2 Bench Minor Penalty – A bench minor penalty for too many men on the ice shall be assessed for a violation of this rule. This penalty can be assessed by the Referees or the Linesmen. Should a goal be scored by the offending team prior to the Referee or Linesman blowing his whistle to assess the bench minor penalty, the goal shall be disallowed and the penalty assessed for too many men on the ice. now that you know the rules.. do you agree that the two sharks heading to the bench are MORE then five feet from the players bench? If yes, then read 74.2 If no, look at this video (very beginning ) look at the two sharks returning to the bench (more then five feet) and as the video follows the puck, you can see Marleau already a good ten feet away from the bench (as they are still more then five feet away) and not long after already right in the play. Thus referring to rule 74.1 a penalty should have been given for "too many men on the ice".
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    Homer's slashing penalty and Z's disallowed goal

    Anyone else find this interesting?
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    There are 7 games in a series

    That's when its up to Babcock and Lidstrom.. both have to motivate this team.
  5. EojUSAF0112

    song title game

    This I Gotta See - Jason Aldean
  6. EojUSAF0112

    song title game

    I Walk the Line - Johnny Cash
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    Quick question regarding possible Cup Final "Rubber Match"

    Same reason all the pens fans stayed and watched ours.. they never got to see it live before.