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  1. Drifter

    New Rule for Playoffs

    If it was Dino Ciccarelli or some other Canadian born cherry picker the NHL wouldnt have a problem with it. Also, they shouldnt call a player out by name. That just backs up the fact that there are "penalties by reputation." With all these younger refs the NHL shouldnt be seen as slightly agreeing with that notion. I dont have a problem if Homer is IN the crease and makes contact but I do have a problem with him being pushed into the goalie. Also, fair is fair. If he makes contact with a goalie in the paint... call interference. If a goalie slashes him several times or if a D man crosschecks him... you better call that too. That wont happen but it should. Anyone know what zebras are calling the game tonight?
  2. Drifter

    Stay classy Yotes fans.

    Wow, thats GREAT! The only response to that nonsense filled rant would be a quote from Stepbrothers "Wow, I remember my first beer" I guess I'd be overly excited too. I mean their team went from a bottom dweller to a playoff team... and they will go from Zona to another state in about the same time. Have fun watching all four or five of your playoff games this yeart desert dorks!