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  1. Just a question in order to try and gauge our chances versus the Hawks and the upcoming series. Since we had trouble with the Ducks and their forecheck but overcame it (barely). What are our main obstacles with the Hawks? Their ability to score? Goaltending?
  2. Confidence of this team is going no where but up!
  3. Come on!!!!!! LETS GO WINGS!
  4. Sing fat b*tch SIIIING!
  5. Colaiacovo is growing on me, nice!
  6. Cue Getzlaf / Perry douchenozzleness in 5 4 3 2 .......
  7. Come on fat lady SING!!
  8. Just letting them walk in... sigh
  9. How did that feel Allen!! Oh and by the way, nice to meet you all been lurking on these forums for the past 4 years. GOOOO WINGSSS!
  10. I cant take this game 7 stress, whats a good nerve calmer? GO WINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!