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  1. Crosby the greatest?

    Gretzky was way better, not even close, although given a full career Mario Lemeuix was the best ever I would say.
  2. Crosby the greatest?

    Thank you for sharing some facts related to my topic. I apologize if my words caused offense, I don't hate Canadiens , I was just trying to explain why I thought things were the way they were.
  3. Crosby the greatest?

    I am sick of being force-fed this Crosby is King crap. The annointing started before the guy even laced up for his first NHL game. For instance, anyone with eyes can see that Ovechkin is clearly a better player.. I can think of many others I would rather have that are better skaters, defensive players, more grit, etc. It seems to me that this myopic Crosby fervor stems from the need for Canadians to cling to hockey as the one thing they are better than others at, and being the hockey kingdom they need a hockey king. This inferiority complex stems from the fact that they were too afraid to join us in the revolutionary war, and has continued since(notice thier money still has the queen of england on it). I call em like I see em, if crosby was the best I'd say so.
  4. How about a nickname for you. I think dumbass is pretty fitting.

    ...I guess I kind of asked for that with all you sheople in here.That said,it still pissed me off how you got personal. I must say you are quite lucky to be hiding behind your computer insulting me, for if we were face-to-face I'd drop the gloves and knock your ******* teeth out.

  5. Todd, Big Bad, Bertuzzi!

    The fact that the hit was dirty is undeniable. It is unfortunate what the outcome was because Moore had it coming. This is not my problem with Bertuzzi. My problem with the waste is that he is a shell of the player he once was,and it seams more of a hinder than a help. A tree stump looks good paired with Dats and/or Z, which is pretty much what he is. All the wishfull thinking, and hoping in the world will never make him the dominant force that he used to be. I am dissapointed with the powers that be, and some fans, for not realizing this fact.
  6. Officiating - A Completely Different Perspective

    Good points. The questionability of the officiating over the years has always been frustrating.
  7. Wings Bump Metallica

    Maybe the hall of fame rockers have as good a seat to watch the game as the hall of fame goalie.
  8. Wings Bump Metallica

    Unfortunately, I fear that by the end of the night I might wish I had rather watched Metallica. ....If only 16 hadn't been broken
  9. Nicknames

    I was reading some articles and it came to me. How about Jimmy "the lip", or Jimmy "Swiss Cheese" Howard? In these days of a weaker team we need a goalie that can carry us, not a wet behind the ears braggart. -update- ....sometimes it is painful to hear truth. My problem was with Howard running his mouth in the papers, while we have a Hall Of Famer on the bench. It is my feeling that a young player or any player should be humble and not give the other team ammo. See walter smith and terry glenn.
  10. Will Buttman try to fix the playoffs?

    Hey, I got an idea. Why don't you hang out in your own teams' web site instead of trolling around in here to piss us off after you got lucky with overrated players, and league backing last year. You will find that consistent greatness is the toughest accomplishment in sports, and is beyond your franchise. Maybe deep down you realize these facts and thats why you hang out in a truly great franchise's site.
  11. Will Buttman try to fix the playoffs?

    Anyone that knows the true history of the NHL, and Buttman, are not one bit surprised that the league owned and ran coyotes are pre-determined to win this series. This does not excuse the fact that the Wings are just not as good this year, for a variety of reasons. Good post.
  12. Red Wings facts

    The truth is that anything good we do this year is a bonus. One of the problems with consistent greatness is getting worn down by long seasons as well as long, draining playoff runs. Eventually this is bound to catch up with you. This is compounded by the fact that Babcock dosn't roll 4 lines, my only complaint about,in my opinion,the best coach in the game. Our best defensemen are old. After that the depth is lacking. We have a handfull of upper eschelon forwards, mixed with a bunch of patch-work fill ins. Add to this the fact that we have an unproven,untested,albeit talented rookie goalie. The deep seasons (and lack of using 4 lines)have worn down our few great players. Thats why overrated crosby, and a-hole malkin got the cup last year. I won't even get started on the shall we say less than realistic officiating over the years that is controlled by the league(overlord betteman). Since the 80's we have won 1 game that the guy that got shot(o'halleran?) has called. This goes beyond coincidence. By the way, anyone interested in a true history lesson on the NHL should watch the movie Net Worth. It's got Gordie,Ted,Adams,all the historical people the league celebrates. An eye opener to say the least. One last thing: Any team that counts on a guy like Blowtuzzi to be a key piece of the puzzle and not the checking line 4th line role-player that he has become is just fooling themselves or desperate.