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  1. Im lovin the new mask
  2. Good to hear this
  4. LETS...GO...WINGS!! :siren:
  5. If the Sharks can win 3 games in a row, we can win 4. LETS GO WINGS! :siren:
  6. I believe and will always believe in this team, no mater if we win tonight or not. Theres always another season of great hockey waitin for us in October. ( even though we're gonna win tonight ). LETS GO WINGS!
  7. Lets go wings! :siren:
  8. Anyone here going to the game tomorrow? Lets get this chant going again to let him know we still got faith in him, I think it could possibly give him some extra confidence for game 4. LGW!
  9. f*** YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. haha, i was trying to find a pic of superman ripping his shirt open and was gonna put him in a refs shirt with a sharks jersey under it, I couldnt find a decent pic I could work with in ms paint tho, wish I still had photo shop.
  11. ridiculous.
  12. lids!!!!!!
  13. Good looks on the info. Thank god for FSD.