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  1. howard is a cool cucumber. i hope he continues his great progress.
  2. franzen is such a puck hog, it makes me sick!
  3. just like the good old days, now we just need a classic ass-beating.
  4. great drop pass by bertuzzi! he is playing some hockey............. HOLY s***!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4 GOALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. jimmy played very well for most of the game, defense went to the showers in the 3rd, and overall lazy play seems to be a theme in this series as well.
  6. another BAD penalty!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. another dumb penalty
  8. too much s***ting on the officiating already, the wings played badly on top of terrible penaltys. when does babs become accountable for this slop? seriously.
  9. holland should stay as long as he wants.. one of the best GMs ever.