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  1. A Kronwall - DeKeyser second line pairing and Quincey - Marchenko/Ouellet third line pairing is what this team should have in order to be a contender. That means signing a #1 and #2 d-man because not one of our guys is top line calibre (if we are to be considered elite again). But that's not very likely so we are probably going to be stuck with mediocrity for a bit longer.
  2. And hit, and block shots, and fight. I'd take that deal straight up.
  3. These are the players I'd like to see stay. Holland and Co. can fill in the blanks... Abdelkader, Datsyuk, Glendening, Helm, Jurco, Miller, Nyquist, Sheahan, Tatar, Zetterberg. DeKeyser, Kronwall, Quincey, Marchenko. Howard, Mrazek.
  4. Seriously though, this team desperately needs better defence. Trade for Phaneuf, sign Green, Mrazek and Howard split starts next season.
  5. Check out Howard's reaction at the end. Pure confusion.
  6. This one is my favourite.
  7. Probably add Bylsma to that list.
  8. Rafalski was about as bad at playing defence as any current Wing. He was slow and soft and led the team in turnovers by D-men all four seasons he was here.
  9. The streak is alive. Every thing else is a bonus from now on.
  10. Get rid of Ericsson, Smith, and Kindl. Re-sign Zidlicky. Sign Mike Green in the off-season. Maybe trade for Phaneuf if the price is right. Last but not least… Hope that the Blues lose in the first round and don't offer Hitchcock another contract. Let Babs go and sign Hitch. Swap one 'cock for another.