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  1. Hasek/HC Pardubice set record, win championship

    Hi, im not sure if i Fully understant your questionts, but i try to answer You wanna see any actual Hasek's saves? There is few links: About an interferences againts goalies: It is not usually in our league. But in this playoff some of opposing teams were so hopeless of Dominik's saves, that they tryed everything, including rude behavior toword Hasek (run). So some players from our club ravenged it. And there was allways a fight about it. In the video it only seems that the puck was cowered, actually the goalkeeper had not the puck under control. If he had, the goal would not be counted. Sorry for my English.
  2. Hasek/HC Pardubice set record, win championship

    Hi Everybody! I have Several links for U, if u want to watch some videos from Czech play off 2010 with Hasek in the goal. Pardubice is usually playing with more white than red dresses but in duel with Liberec we had red trikots. or u can search for "pardubice 2010 play off" on youtube.... Have a nice days like we have at Pardubice