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  1. Nick Lidstrom retires after 20 seasons

    regner and shep taking call in questions earlier but he is talking all lidstrom right now, good work background talk
  2. Mike babcock taking questions on live stream's art regner is doing a live stream with mike babcock about the wings today at 3 p.m. stream is ehre they are alsot aking questions on fsd's facebook.
  3. Art Regner live stream taking questions

    THought you guys might like this. Crazy Regner is with Meltdown from the wrif taking questions.
  4. Kronwall Destroys Voracek

    Made this for fun. Too soon?
  5. thought you guys would like this. pretty cool they have a chat you can ask him questions.
  6. Mickey Redmond Soundboard

    Did you find the two easter egg clips hidden in the soundboard? There are two more hidden buttons you can click that have some fun audio clips.
  7. Hat Trick - Curly Fries or Jr. Roast Beef?

    So we all love free stuff, especially food. Well if you follow thing wings you know about the hat trick offer by arby's. If a player scores a hat trick in a game everyone gets a free Jr. Roast Beef right now. Well people were mad about that and wanted the curly fries back, and now its up to fans to vote. So, what do you like curly fries or roast beef? I think the jr. roast beef is a better deal.
  8. Modano returns home again?

    He grows up here but "grows up" in Dallas as a player. Should make the game that much more exciting. Keating wrote about him possibly accidentally passing to a former teammate accidentally, you think that has ever happened?
  9. Best fight in hockey in honor of grind line

    Kirk Matlby is retiring and we are facing one of our biggest rivals, FSD had a video tribute for this, the greatest hockey fight ever IMO! and keating wrote on article on malts
  10. Well that stream was from FOX 2 with a single camera from center ice, this is actually FOX SPORTS DETROIT and should be like a regular game. Hope to see you guys in the live caht
  11. pavel and zetterberg 1v1

    Did you guys here that zetterberg and pavel did alil 1v1 at the training camp? Zetterberg claims he usually wins but looks to get twisted around in video who would you want to see go 1v1, I think pavel could take out anyone, i mean he makes opposing teammates run into each other
  12. Just sharing some coverage... John Keating and Ken Daniels from camp updated blog Two stories from Dana Wakiji and
  13. Modano press conference live online

    I will be at work but going to Watch the madano press conference online live at
  14. Mike Modano signs with Detroit

    Watch the madano press conference online live at
  15. Howard catches verlander

    Don't know if you guys seen this article, video, and pics of howard catching verlander.