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  1. Maybe Howard should trust his eyes to Dr. Rahmani.
  2. GDT

    That goal looked almost exactly like an early Datsyuk backhander against Luongo when he was first a Panther.
  3. Is this 1999? Crease rule?
  4. Uh oh, no Quincey.
  5. Just incredible.
  6. Praise Jah no Edzo.
  7. So that's what a hook looks like.
  8. Granato ran Pittsburgh's powerplay last year and they were tied for first with Washington with 23.4%. Maybe he should coach both the PP and PK and have whoever's running the PP now go fetch him coffee.
  9. gdt

    Bernier's mask looks kinda goofy with those mask holes as the lion's eyes.
  10. gdt

    So was that the 2nd breakaway so far? Did I hear Kenny right about a previous one?
  11. Mule's mad.
  12. gdt

    Oh Mickey, a snowjob.