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  1. I realize why everyone is hating on Fiddler; whiners don't belong in sports, nor do excuses. Despite this, and although I really don't like Phoenix, this is not the first time that questions have been raised in public regarding favouritism for our team. I'm not sure if any of you recall the series a few years ago against the Canucks when Brian Burke raised similar questions on a very public stage. Although the Wings do not need the help, as they are stacked with great talent and leadership, I must say that sometimes I can see where these accusations come from. The fact is that the Wings are too good. When teams and the players on them reach epic levels, they do, as Fiddler suggests, gain tons of respect from around the league. Refs, as unbiased as they attempt to be, are not immune to this. i.e. Zetterberg is so good that he would never be accused of purposely pushing a net off in a 5 on 3 penalty kill... Holmstom is so respected for his hard work and ability that he can draw penalties on other teams by actually holding other players and pulling them down on him.. I am not suggesting that wrong calls or miscalls are only made in favour of the Wings; refs are human and make errors almost every game that unjustly benefit teams, regardless of what crest is on there sweater. It does seem however that the respect for the Red Wings does bring with it more benefits. Its kinda like the Lakers. Ever watch Kobe for 5 minutes and not draw a questionable foul every 30 seconds? Of course the NHL is not nearly that bad, but just try to be a little unbiased watching the next game and use a little logic, not emotions, to make judgments. Otherwise use your emotions and be no different than the other ignorant fans around the league that think that not matter what, every call made for their team is a good one, and everyone against is a bad one. That being said tho, I would like to re-itterate that the Red Wings don't NEED any unconscious bias to win. Were awesome without it and are gunna beat the Penguins in the finals this year anyway... It just makes it a little easier to have your respect cut you a couple breaks along the way.