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  1. Red Storm

    In Defense of Joey Mac

    Could not agree more , that was definitely the case.
  2. Red Storm

    Jimmy Howard watch thread

    This guy really makes sense. Now we can restart the thread in the playoffs when ... well you know...
  3. Red Storm

    Wings sign Howard to 2-year, $4.5M extension

    How you can say that Howard is as good as any NHL goalie; and if you mean top tier that's absurd . HE does not match the abilities of a Ryan MIller; Cam Ward; Cary Price ; Tim Thomas or Rask for that matter. If he delivers solid goaltending in these playoffs unlike the shaky goaltending that he displayed last year, then I'm sure he'll be appreciated more . But until that happens , well you know...
  4. Red Storm

    Wings sign Howard to 2-year, $4.5M extension

    I would think that is pretty much the case. I watched Niemi battle through the playoffs when he had a bad start in the Nashville series; and he became the difference in the finals against the Flyers and their goaltending . As for Howard he didn't have good playoff last year it cost us. Now this year's run what is it going to be ? I think then we will have the answer as to this signing. To put it mildly I'm sceptical: still waiting for a top tier goaltender to lead this team.
  5. Red Storm

    Kirk Maltby nearing 1 year, 2 way deal

    Wow he's back again forever; that's just great.
  6. Red Storm

    Wings sign Ilari Filppula 1yr/$500k

    Totally, have been in this camp for years despite the success.The Flip was a big flop in the S.J series ; no grit injury or not. I believe his no show along with the crappy goaltending did us in. Grinders, in Detroit has become a remote dream. Imagine were wondering abou the fate of Abdelkader - oh no another Knuble gone. Were far of course - I'll take a guy from PEI any day over ...
  7. Red Storm

    should there be another team in the NHL?

    Bang on Devil - and perhaps the Wild back to the North Stars.
  8. Red Storm

    Red Wings Making Play for Modano

    This is really exciting retirement home in detroit is starting all over again - just like in the late 80's!
  9. Red Storm

    Bob Probert passes away at 45

    Just got home and the news Big Bob gone hit me like a ton of bricks - the heart is heavy tonight . RIP. big man they'll never be another one like you.
  10. Red Storm

    Oilers Place Nilsson, Moreau, and O'Sullivan on Waivers

    Take him any day over some of the softies in this present formation.
  11. Red Storm

    Leighton re-signs with Philadelphia

    Really which series did you watch? The one I watched, he was the difference in giving up the choke push back goals to Chicago. Put it another way, had the Flyers had a goalie like Halak the series wouldn't have been close.
  12. Red Storm

    Is it time to trade Cleary?

    Really ,your happy with the make-up of this line- up?
  13. Red Storm

    Holland thinking of re-signing Kirk Maltby

    Its pathetic isn't ? .
  14. Red Storm

    Halak traded to Blues

    Oh really and were top notch, get real we have second tier goaltending if that what we go into this season with.. Halak wanted this guy in Detroit 2yrs. ago - we'd have 2 exstra cups; he's one cool customer. This guy is no fluke he's the real deal. He was also incredible during the regular season . I think he averaged about 32 shots and up every game he played. Yes the fools they are! By the way the Gm of the Blues Pleau is a former Canadian- hmmmm.
  15. Red Storm

    The Next Wave

    Far from starting it, but just from the talk here you know its going to be a long in the tooth year.