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  1. Mitch Album article about Pavel leaving. http://www.freep.com/story/sports/columnists/mitch-albom/2016/04/10/albom-wings-datsyuk-column/82835594/
  2. https://twitter.com/ansarkhanmlive
  3. GDT

    With this being a home game Ken and Mick should be calling this one on NHL network. They actually started and then it switched about 30 secs in. Have to listen to Washington guys man love on Ovi.
  4. gdt

    The last two teams without back to back losses in regulation, and with a win we can be the only one remaining. Let's win this in regulation, GO WINGS!!!
  5. Here you go!! http://youtu.be/surN1mVIByY
  6. Is there a good place to watch a stream of the ceremony? I would love to watch, it sucks being out of town.
  7. Those in Canada will have it on TSN2 it looks like. GAME 3: SJS @ DET, WED, MAY 4, 8 p.m., VS (JIP), TSN2
  8. Alright, Dave Strader. We will have a good announcer at least.
  9. Have you tried CBC?
  10. You just have to be careful of how far you go in the thread. Since your a minute behind you can find out what's happening before it happens.
  11. I think the only time I've seen a FSD feed broadcast nationally was on NHL Network near the beginning of the season. I want to listen to Ken & Mickey, though Ken and Paul is better than anything else I can get, even with the delay.
  12. I'm doing the same, it's about a minute, tv ahead. Therefore I just delayed with my DVR, love listening to announcers that know what they're talking about.
  13. Why do they never use the FSD feed for Versus?
  14. We need a "one more year" chant for Lids, just in case we don't have a game 6.