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  1. Players lost it for themselves. Calgary is just making themselves look like a bunch of whiners by doing this.
  2. Wings will get a easy W tonight and we will probably bring out the boot-stomping sticks on them.
  3. Wings should win this game in a heartbeat. Go Wings!
  4. How does Crosby make #1, he should be at the bottom of the list.
  5. The odds of the wings winning are extremely high. Go Wings!
  6. I thought that song was funny, but I don't know about anyone but I thought they were completely wasted when they were singing the song.
  7. In all honesty I find it funny.
  8. The san jose sharks really need help in the playoffs. They are one of those teams that are just absolutely stacked with players such as Heatly, Thornton, Pavelski, and many other players. They have also had the number one seed for the western conference for the past two years and they still cant make it to the play off finals. If I was the GM, I think I would have the team known as a regular season team instead of a playoff team.
  9. I think we should release Chris Osgood. I believe his time has come for retiring from the NHL. We need to find someone that can back up Jimmy Howard that is just as good as he is.
  10. I was suprised that Joe Louis arena was ranked pretty low because of all the tradition that Detroit has had in the past for the game that it would be one of the more harder rinks to play in.