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  1. LOLuongo!!
  3. Bettman hates Canada (Winnipeg anyone?) and won't have a Toronto vs Detroit or New York vs Montreal game.
  4. GO Nucks and Bolts!
  5. Special teams not so special.
  6. WTF Cleary. That's just as bad as TIKANNEN against us in the '98 Cup Finals.
  7. I predict 2-1 Wings Datysuk, and Abby with the goals. San Jose scores it's lone goal with about 2 minutes left in the 3rd to really get our hearts racing again.
  8. Please for the love of God Babs don't play Hudler. He's been horrible.
  9. Jimmy Howard needs the game of his career.
  10. I having a feeling Bruce Boudreau is getting fired.
  11. Sharks have ******* horseshoes up their ******* asses!!!
  12. Mickey Redmond is obviously upset over the officiating, but the Wings didn't play all that well.
  13. Wow, really s***ty luck there.
  14. f*** you refs!
  15. ******* phantom penalty!!