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  1. 5/1 OOT Playoff Gameday

    Canucks fan coming in peace. I'm more of a hockey fan as opposed to just be a Canucks fan. First of all, let me state that the fans of the Canucks have actually been relatively quiet in terms of celebration this year. Last year after we swept a team (St.Louis Blues) the city went nuts as if we were heading to the SCF and were facing a weak opponent. I only enjoyed the festivities as it was my girlfriend's first true playoff experience. This year, the boys and the city have really matured. After we eliminated the Kings, we were relatively quiet, maybe a hour of celebration in the downtown core then it was off to go home and wait for the next round (we were all hoping for the Hawks.) As a fan of the team, I can truly say how proud I am that we're not as arrogant about winning one round and understanding that it's 16 games that you have to win before celebrating the we were celebrating previously. There are of course the 16 year olds who look a head to the WCF and think that one win against the Hawks means we have it sealed. Majority of the knowledgeable Canuck fans know that this series is far from over. We wanted a split, and we already have one in the bag. If we win again tomorrow, it would be absolutely huge as we do own the best home record with all the teams left in the playoffs. Getting back on topic though I really want to see a Wings vs Canucks WCF. I have the utmost respect for Lidstrom, but after that goal from center ice against Dan Cloutier, I have wanted another shot against the Wings. Surely I really do believe it would be one of the most entertaining series' in the playoffs for a long long time. My philosophy is to be the best you have to be the best. Last year you guys represented the West and were the best. I wish you guys the best of luck and really believe the Wings will bounce back against Nabby and the Sharks. PS Anyone else think the San Jose Pom Pom's are really bloody annoying? Have a good one guys!