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  1. Why do other NHL teams' fans hate the Wings?

    "Maybe if your team was better, the opposition's fans wouldn't drown out the home team's fans. I hear Baltimore Orioles' fans ***** about this constantly - that Yankees and Red Sox fans out number their own fans at Camden Yards. Well.....maybe if your team didn't suck so bad you'd have more fans there and then the other teams' fans wouldn't be so noticeable" _____ my team is better..... in fact my team right now is up 3-0 on the wings in the series. sharks sell out almost every game at home, both during regular season and the playoffs. they do not suck, and have been constantly supported by the local fan base. but the wings have had SO much success in the last 20 years the bandwaggoners have overflowed. it has nothing to do with whether my team "sucks" or not. there are just a crap-ton of red wings fans at every wings game no matter where they play. no other team that comes to the shark tank has the fan turnout the wings have. by your logic, half the teams in the league should bring more people out to the shark tank.
  2. Why do other NHL teams' fans hate the Wings?

    1) other fans get tired of seeing the wings win 2) wings fans can be arrogant, stuck up, whiny, rightous bastards that no other fan can stand 3) there are wings fans EVERYWHERE! do you realize how annoying it is to have wings chants start in your home building cuz there are that many fans at a wings away game?
  3. Game 3 Officiating

    "If the refs give calls both ways (meaning that PPs end up about even at the end of the game), as well as let them play the game (don't call every damn thing) then both teams will play to their potential and the Wings will win." _____ PP's should not automatically come out even at the end of the game. they should come out however the game was played. if one team ends up with more than the other, that s usually an idication that team commited more penalties than the other team. what you are saying, is you expect makeup calls just beacuse one team cant keep up, and has to hook/hold/trip/interfere, to stay in the game. id say that makeup calls, just for the sake of making the PPs "even" is worse than any non-call/phantom call out there.