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    Saw these guys, with the family Monday at St.Andrews. Ran into Lidstrom on the way out, literally. He was coming out of the balcony as we were going through the door next to the stairs and kinda bounced off him, I didn' t even see who it was, but my wife sure did. Nick quickly disappeared upstairs to the backstage. "That was cool" "Yeah, good show" "No, didn't you see who we bounced off of???" "Uhh, you mean that girl with the rack that came through the door??" "Noooo, Nick Lidstrom" "???????" "I just bounced off NIck Lidstrom???" (Security dood hears us say Lidstrom and starts giving us the SHHHHH sign) "Holy s***!, why didn't you tell me?" "You bounced right off him, I thought for sure you saw who you just bounced off of." "But I didnt see the girl you were talking about, must been a nice rack, you didn't even know you bounced off Nick" "Yeah, it was a nice, but not as nice as yours." "Liar" "Uh-Hunh."