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  1. signed

    . And you are a loser
  2. signed

  3. signed

    You must be a Darren Helm Lover
  4. We should give it to Kenny for being an *******
  5. Signed

    why are we signing these old guys Kennyis it idiot
  6. signed

    What a joke of signing Kenny needs to go freaking idiot why are we signing D's retreads that's why we will never win anything what about Jimmy's contract no one is gonna take that abomination
  7. signed

    What a joke why would you sign him I'm waiting for Kenny to sign Dan Clary
  8. gdt

    Jimmy Howard is a 6 million Dollar goalie wow a waste of money five more years of this crap
  9. GDT

    and we have Jimmy Howard for five more years
  10. GDT

    This is for all the Jimmy Howard fans out there ha ha Ha ha ha now that is a elite goalie right there
  11. gdt

    The wings will never win anything with Jimmy in goal he is not a elite goalie and never will be
  12. Keep drinking the Abby juice
  13. Way too many Abby fans here Can't see the truth It may shock you
  14. Stevie Y is more of a Idiot Then Holland
  15. How is Abby on the first Line come on Should be on the fourth