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  1. RIP to one of the best owners we could have hoped for around here, a great businessman and leader. Shame he won't get to see that beautiful new arena. I wonder what this means for the direction of the team moving forward though. Afterall he was fairly involves still wasn't he? Sent from my Samsung Galaxy S5 using Tapatalk... ignore the typos!
  2. Hopefully that means he will be a seller then. It's time. Trade anyone you can for something valuable. That includes Z. Love the guy, but it's a business. We need to rebuild and need every asset we can get. Sent from my Samsung Galaxy S5 using Tapatalk... ignore the typos!
  3. We may still be able to move him at the deadline if some team suffers an injury or lacks a reliable option. Sent from my Samsung Galaxy S5 using Tapatalk... ignore the typos!
  4. I don't think you're crazy. Well, maybe a little bit. Maybe alot of these top free agents also look at this team and it's roster and think how quickly they may have been replaceable with all the young talent in the system, that eventually has to move up, even though it's been our thing to leave them down there. They can only stay down for so long, so then... as the older player, how much time are they really going to give you? Secondly, I think people should consider this... The Wings to a great job of marketing to their fans. The City of Detroit in general, is marketed well to sports fans. However, outside of our region, this region is viewed as a dump. It's Hockeytown to us, and the downtown core in Detroit has alot of positive things going on that we all know about because we're from here, but to the rest of the US, and Canada... mention Detroit to them, and they think its a complete disaster, and want nothing to do with it. Maybe that has something to do with it too. Sure, there's great suburbs outside of Detroit where most of the Wings players likely reside, but when the perception is negative, that can be hard to overcome. Especially compared to some of these hockey cities.
  5. Agreed. Nevermind the streak. Nobody cares about it, or at least they shouldnt. Making the playoffs is important, yes, but if you're only ever good enough to squeak in, and be bounced in the first round, there's not much point. No sense in throwing big money at band-aids. Stamkos would have at least given us the opportunity to move a piece and get a D-man here probably, then you're talking a different scenario. As it stands now though, I'd rather roll with what we have. If we succeed, great, if we don't, then maybe we get a chance to have that rebuild that we need. Going to be pretty weird though moving into that new building with no real star power. Sure, Z will probably still be here, and Larkin is in the spotlight, but after that, you're still desperate for a star, and top talent not only to market the team, but to enhance the level of play.
  6. He got rid of big dead money, to bring in a star to improve the team and make a splash to get a team that actually goes deep in the playoffs to fill that new arena. He cleared the money to bring in Stamkos, and was "close". Aka... failed.
  7. That's a real letdown. After moving Pav's contract, I really thought we might have gotten him. As much as I love Stevie Y, he's getting on my nerves lol
  8. The real thing we should be hating here is the make up of the roster IMO. Lets face it, with what we would consider a better coach, we barely made the playoffs last year, and have been out in round 1 the last 3 years. There are bigger problems here than the coach. It's the roster. Z and Pav are shells of their former selves. The D-men are... bad. There's a lot of "good" players on the roster, but that's it. Nyquist, Tatar, and Jurco are great examples of that. Good... but it doesn't look like they're going to get beyond that. They'll never carry the team like we expect them to. Now did Blashill make some mistakes with lines etc... Yeah, maybe. But there's an easy argument to be made for just not having enough goal scorers on this team to get the job done in the playoffs, against Bishop, a guy who's bigger than the damn net.
  9. LOL So, in one season, we've gone from Blashill is a great choice to replace Babcock, to Blashill is the problem. Ok. Lets not forget, this team struggled last year to get in to the playoffs, just like this year, and they're out in the first round again. There's a lack of quality talent here. We have a bunch of guys. Nobody really stands out, especially after Pav leaves, and Z goes. There's no standouts aside from Larkin, he's shown potential. Tatar and Nyquist did, but that spark has died out quite a bit it seems. Mantha has potential, and hasn't had an opportunity. Outside of that, there's nothing that stands out. But that's what happens in a salary cap world when you're always drafting late. Blashill needs more time before we start pointing the blame there. The roster is the biggest problem here.
  10. Mantha should have been in the lineup this whole series IMO. What's the point tonight, of Jaokim Andersson and his less than 2 minutes of ice time? Ridiculous.
  11. Yeah, Pav looks like a shell of his former self, that's for sure. I just wish he would have made his intentions known earlier, or that Holland and company could have at least seen that this team wasn't going to contend in the playoffs.. kids or no kids in the lineup. They're not good enough. I know there's alot of history here, and Pav and Z mean alot to this organization, but at some point, you have to remember, this is a business. Moving them, for value does much more for helping build your team to keep it solid for the future than painting a big black 25 on center ice does.
  12. Really? Because brad richards was pretty useless all playoffs.
  13. Hell of an effort tonight, but you cant have three breakaways and not score once. You cant have a breakdown like that, late in the game. This team is in trouble in the future IMO. Moves shoulda been made at the deadline. Nevermind 25 straight. Making the playoffs and being out in the first round year after year gets you nowhere. Anybody could see the way this team was playing they weren't a real contender.
  14. I think you seriously need to consider moving either Z or Datsyuk. You need some young, skilled, hungry guys. That's what wins in the playoffs now, not slow, aging guys. Nothing against either of them, love them both, they still have skill, but they just cant compete against these younger, faster, tougher teams. Our whole roster cant, that's painfully obvious watching this series, and the last few years. You've got to do something to re-build this roster. Because when they both leave on their own terms... we're going to be left in the same position when Lidstrom left... with Holland looking around the room going, uh... now what? The pieces aren't there to replace either of them on the roster now, or in the system. Sure, you can suggest Mantha, Larkin maybe.. but they're a ways away, and very unproven. You've got to do something
  15. If you aren't bringing Bab's back... blow up the front office too. This plan clearly isnt working on the ice. These guys are slow, and they lack scoring ability. Don't even get me started on the defensemen. Blow it up. IT starts witht he guy building this roster.