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  1. was 2 points behind first for this week with just Sunday left then went 5-0 on Sunday to tie for first
  2. why would we lose him on re-entry? just don't call him up this year if he clears.... if he plays well enough he can be on the team from the start next year
  3. really? i'm the first to pick Gordie Howe? best Wing ever,take a version of him early in his career,would be around for 20+ years and he was tough on top of that which this forum really has a thing for
  4. nice first week for me(missed week 1)
  5. Detroit Chicago Nashville Columbus St. Louis
  6. Nolan couldn't get a contract in the NHL last year for a reason hint: it's not because he's good enough to be a third liner
  7. Datsyuk,he's simply better Zetterberg's back problems cancel out the age difference between them
  8. unless Babcock feels the same way about Kronwall deserving an A as he did about Datsyuk deserving one back then which is entirely possible given some of those quotes
  9. 1) Dominik Hasek 2) Dominik Hasek 3) Tim Thomas 4) Sergei Fedorov 5) Can't think of anyone
  10. just something I feel the need to point out: it was exactly the same this year
  11. what's with all the people so against this? just because he's 39 and has been in the KHL for a few years? 3 years ago he put up 71 points in the NHL(and 15 points in 10 games in the playoffs),4 years ago he put up 96 points in the NHL,5 years ago he put up 126 points just one month ago in a tournament with Spezza,Tavares,Nash,Duchene,Havlat,Plekanec,Koivu,Ovechkin,Radulov,Kovalchuk,Gaborik,Hossa and others he was named the best forward on top of all this he's one of the best players EVER and deserves the benefit of the doubt for that alone and a bunch of people here don't want him? even on a reasonable 1 year deal? really?
  12. pretty good list really,although I highly doubt Filppula will end up in the top 5 anytime soon purely because he's on the same team as Datsyuk and Zetterberg i'd add Toews to group B probably,and obviously it's probably missing a couple in group C(although I can't think of them off the top of my head either)
  13. a Canucks fan suggested that the whole biting thing was Burrows trying to defend his teammate so it gave me an idea for a nickname from now on I shall call burrows...... McGruff
  14. Luongo's GAA in Boston is 8.11
  15. sums up the last couple games as far as the Canucks go