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  1. Red Wings Expansion Draft Protected List

    I agree on the defensive side I protect XO, DD and Jensen. If i am Vegas, I am looking at XO, Mrazek, or perhaps Helm.
  2. Red Wings Expansion Draft Protected List

    1) He was better than Howard 2) He gave up 4 goals in three games. Jimmie gave up 8 goals in two games. 3) He had one shutout. 4) He gave up one goal in the other game...and lost. We scored 0 goals in that can't win scoring 0 goals...which points to our other problems with this Holland-constructed team. Look if we had Carey Price, i would protect him over Mrazek for sure. But the choice is Howard or Mrazek...which is the more valuable asset? I guess you just hate Mrazek for some reason...
  3. Red Wings Expansion Draft Protected List

    I disagree that he has underperformed more times than not. He has overperformed at times and then at times underperformed. I guess you forgot about the 2016 playoffs against Tampa...we started Howard. We lost back to back games 3-2 and 5-2. Brought in Mrazek and won the next game 2-0. Game 4 we lost 3-2. Game five we lost 1-0. My overall impression is that Jimmie has been a very good goalie for the Wings over the years...but he is getting old and has a bigger contract on a team that needs some cap space. His performance recently has been great...when it doesn't really matter. When he was last given the reigns in the playoffs, he needed to be relieved by Mrazek. Jimmie may have had good numbers last year, but he was OUT half the year!! The more valuable asset is Mrazek as he has upside...will he achieve that, i don't know. Neither do you. But to protect a depreciating asset like Howard over an asset with potential like Mrazek is probably a bad move. I don't think i am alone in thinking this... And i do think that Mrazek's success at the shootout coupled with Howard's lack of success in the shootout points to a talent gap between the two. I also agree that Mrazek could use some work...he is still a work in progress. But he has more upside that Jimmie. And Jimmie cannot play a full season anymore without a significant time on the injured reserve. But leave it to the Wings to protect assets that are is the theme of the past 7-8 years.
  4. Red Wings Expansion Draft Protected List

    A young goalie like Mrazek is going to have spells where he may underperform...Kenny protected a guy 8 years older who gets injured every year stumbling and flopping around behind the net after a puck mishandle. Bad asset management. If you want to see how good a goalie is, check them out during the shootout. Petr has some talent. Not sure if it will ever fully materialize, but he is a more valuable asset at this point in his career than Jimmy Howard.
  5. Red Wings Expansion Draft Protected List

    "the organization" is sucking wind if you haven't noticed...maybe "the organization" shouldn't be so arrogant, get off the pedestal, stop worrying about the "Red Wings culture," and get with the post-cap era like all the other teams. Kenny is running a veteran loyalty program...he is not working hard enough at fielding a competitive team...He should have been fired 4 years ago.
  6. Red Wings Expansion Draft Protected List

    I think Mrazek would have been better to protect over Howard. Howard is older, injury prone, and does not handle the puck as well as Mrazek. He is also more expensive. If we are building for the future why do you protect all the old guys?!?! Not protecting Oulette is big mistake as well. Mrazek has played brilliantly at times and can be a game changer. His numbers suck a bit because our defense sucks big time. We also suffer from a anemic offense so we fall behind...his numbers are a reflection of how sorry our team is...not on Mrazek's actual play. Mrazek has been brilliant on the shoot out at times...that should tell you something about the difference between Mrazek and Howard. Mrazek's performance in the shoot out alone is worth 4 to 5 points a year. Howard's numbers are better, but he gets hurt every year and takes half the year off with injury.
  7. What to do about Vanek

    Vanek is a positive addition to this team. He has great hands, passes well, and has a high hockey IQ. He can score (which is something we need). When he was out, we suffered. And we seem to be turning things around a bit with him back in. We have enough dead weight on this team that truly needs to go. I would not include Vanek in that category. I am not sure why we overpay guys like Helm, Abby, Errickson, and others and then when a guy comes in and outplays his contract we are ready to trade him for a second rounder. If we are out of it at the deadline and want to trade him as a rental for someone else we should demand a 1st rounder (or an added prospect). Vanek is a difference maker.
  8. What to do about Vanek

    Keep him...he is one of the more skilled offensive guys we have.
  9. Jeff Blashill

    Who is Why is the nickname Just wonderin'
  10. 11/2 GDT: Red Wings 3 at Flyers 4 (OT)

    Does anybody still remember Mrazek in the shootout against St Louis a few games ago?? He is the #1 guy. Rotate Jimmy in when Mraz needs rest and on back to backs. Goaltending is not the problem with this's everything else.
  11. 11/2 GDT: Red Wings 3 at Flyers 4 (OT)

    1) Why is Ericcson out there. Ridiculous up the middle pass and turnover lead the their 2nd goal. Why can't Ericcson sit and play Sproul and Ouellette. 2) So on a 6 on 5 you put Glenny on the draw and have Miller and Ericcson out there...Jeesh this is who we have out there at that time! Just put your most skilled guys out there so they can get the puck and race down the ice. So annoying. Instead we sit back and wait for mayhem to occur in front of the net. 3) Helm just rip it...we played ice capades with the puck the entire overtime and never just get to the net and finish. This whole thing is so frustrating...the whole thing...the Kenny Holland nonsense and his compromising, loyal, veteran-loving attitude, sit on his hands, kick the tires, playoff streaking, overpaying average, overpaying players way past their prime, over investing in a bunch of smurfy forwards, underinvesting in sized D men and wingers clown show. And then our annoying coaching with their 4th line, grind line, non-scoring line, hiding AA, playing Ericcson routine. And finally our players who seem to not have a killer instinct (Helm). Waste of my time watching this.
  12. What Happens to the Defense Once Kronwall Returns?

    I thought our worst defenseman last year was Ericcson. Second worst was Kronwall. Ericcson is better this year so far. Kronwall's best days are behind him. So in the long run players like Sproul, Oullette, and Marchenko are more valuable than Kronwall who is running on fumes. He is one big hit away from being back on IR. This should really be Kronwall's last year and he should pull a Rafalski and just retire. I would not be willing to give up on Marchenko or Oulette based on the results of the first 8 games of this year...that is pure foolishness.
  13. Darren Helm re-signed: 5 years, $3.85m AAV

    Kronner is being paid 5 million a year for a job that a number of our GR guys could do (Sproul, Jensen, Oulette). Kronner has a bumb knee and really had a bad season last year. He is not worth the 5 mill and is seriously on the decline.
  14. Was it Kenny or Devellano that ripped Mantha publicly? We have discussed Kenny's shortcomings for years here. He has made some really bone headed moves in the past and his "overripening" nonsense is so misguided. I am ok with this signing though (Nielsen). I think the Vanek and Ott signings were ok as well. I like that we are keeping Helm. Marchenko signing solid. So I am ok with Kenny's moves yesterday.
  15. Darren Helm re-signed: 5 years, $3.85m AAV

    Hate Shaw. Helm is the least of our problems. He works his butt off and is fast. I'm ok with this. The real deadweight on this team = Erickson, Kronwall, Howard Move some of these pieces if possible