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  1. WCQF - Series H - San Jose versus Los Angeles

    The Sharks play well in their own building. Let's see how they do at the Staples Center. Seven unanswered is pretty mind-blowing, though.
  2. WCSF Game 2 GDT : Red Wings 4 at Blackhawks 1 - (Series Tied at 1)

    Outstanding game by the Wings. Home Ice = Joe Louis!
  3. WCSF - (6) San Jose Sharks vs. (5) Los Angeles Kings

    I concur. The Pens have questionable goal tending, and will have to rely on outscoring their opponents. I'd take better goal tending over a better offense. Give me Quick over Crawford.
  4. WCSF - (6) San Jose Sharks vs. (5) Los Angeles Kings

    IMHO, an absolutely brutal call for delay of game on Vlasic. The puck was redirected over the glass after hitting Carter's shoulder. Stuart's tripping penalty was an obvious one, though. After the Sharks finally figured out Quick, I doubt they recover from this one.
  5. NHL penalties/suspensions for hits getting out of hand.

    Reputation call for sure. After last year's suspension, Torres cleaned up his act this year. Seventeen total penalty minutes during the regular season. Gets called for charging, which was questionable. A suspension would be a joke, but will surely be the outcome.
  6. WCSF - (6) San Jose Sharks vs. (5) Los Angeles Kings

    I think the Sharks are flying under the radar this year. They are perennial underachievers. As such, this year, nobody was/is talking about them. Count the number of LGW posters (above) who picked the Kings. Will be a tough series, but as a fan, I think the Kings would be a more difficult match-up than the Sharks (for the Wings). You'd never hear a hockey player say so, but if the Wings advance, I'd rather play the Sharks than the Kings. If Quick gets on one of his rolls, it's over . . .
  7. See that pick by Perry!!??
  8. Hiller looks shaky tonight.
  9. Wings are all over the Ducks!
  10. They will probably start the game on CNBC, then move it back to NBC Sports once the Bruins-Leafs game ends.