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  1. Jimmy Jazz

  2. Soccer!

    No doubt Barca will dominate possession so I would expect Chelsea with only needing a draw to go through, to park the, defend deep and hit on the counter.
  3. Who will be Vancouver's 2012-13 goalie?

    Tampa Bay would make sense. Luongo's contract wouldn't be a big issue as the Lightning have a fair bit of cap room to play with and have a ton of draft picks that Yzerman can play around with in a trade. He would certainly be an improvement on their goaltending (yes seriously!) As far as I'm concerned Toronto is a non starter. For Luongo's sanity! A stretch of bad games and the press/fans would absolute crucify him.
  4. Have we seen the last of Holmstrom?

    Whether Homer decides to retire or not is one thing but it's time for the Wings to part ways. Infusion some younger blood, it's got to happen (and it's somewhat overdue) into the team.
  5. Will #5 be back?

    He'll be back. Someone suggested the longer off season (by Red Wings standards) will do him some good. Give ample to reflect and recharge and come back for another run. He will obvious have to be resigned at a "discount" but I think that is something he would be willing to do so the club can retool. Call it the "Home town discount"
  6. Soccer!

    I'm looking forward to a happy Administration day Say No to NewCo!
  7. 25 Games for Torres

    Very much a reactionary decision from Shanny. As has already been stated easy to throw the book at Torres. He's basically a plugger that won't really have an effect on a series (barring injury an opposing team's player) Suspending Shea Weber on the other hand....
  8. Soccer!

    Lennon did a great job when he came in. Winning eight games on the trot is nothing to sneeze at. We'll forget Ross County. Huge improvement from Mogga (which was an absolute disaster). Although there are some concernes amongst the support due to his lack of experience when it's comes to tactics and playing the transfer market. Hire Lennon full time but perhaps bring in an experienced assistant. Someone like Davie Hay. Larsson is quite happy learning the coaching trade with his Second Division Swedish club. I can't see him as a realistic choice. Unleast not now. I think in a few years time.
  9. My rule changes for 2010-2011

    Agree with this. Why should a goalie who has the skill to handle a puck be peanlized for it. I would also like to see no touch icing. I think we have seen one too many players get injured as they chase the puck for icing.
  10. Who do you cheer for now?

    That sounds about right. I guess Boston out of the bunch.
  11. Greatest NHL Stories

    Amazing that Mario Lemieux in 92-93 was 12 points behind LaFontaine when he missed two months for radiation treatmeant. When all was said and done after his return that season. He finished 12 points ahead of LaFontaine to win the socring title. Amazing he average almost 3 points a game.
  12. Percentage of starts next year for Howard and Osgood

    Howard should start anywhere between 50 to 60 games and Osgood starts about 32-22 games. Of course injuries and performance will have a say on who plays at the end of the day but as Jimmy did a good job for us, (yeah I know he has his "moments") he's get's the nod as starter going into camp.
  13. Sidney Crosby - The most hated player in the NHL

    Ryan Kesler wonldn't work - playing for Vancouver and all.
  14. Sidney Crosby - The most hated player in the NHL

    I don't really see an issueswith using Crosby as the face of the game. Probably one of the few players (obviously Ovie is another) in the league who's a "name" to those people who don't really follow hockey.
  15. The 2010 FIA Formula One World Championship

    If Red Bull can sort out their realibility issues as they clearly have the fastest car the rest of the field better watch out. Had it not been for car issues Vettel would have probably won the first three races. Having said that I think it's a Alonso-Button-Vettel race to the championship.