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  1. happy bday to the dirtiest dangler
  2. absolute dumbest post ive ever seen
  3. personally I would rather lose niemi but I want the Blackhawks to lose sharp
  4. so how much cap space do they have now? don't they have to lose niemi?
  5. so what's the latest with hjalmarsson? did the hawks match the offer?
  6. the espys were funny but they didn't give hockey the respect it gave to every other sport.. for best male athlete they didn't even have a hockey candidate
  7. hopefully this doesn't drag on much longer
  8. I would be surprised if they don't get a spot on the roster next season, I think 3 years in the AHL isn't necessary at all for Tatar especially if he has a breakout season this year for the griffins. if I had to choose I would definitely choose mursak and Tatar over ritola, not saying ritola is bad but he doesn't have the raw talent of these other two players. also I would be very surprised and delighted if ritola gets more points then Abby next season
  9. also alot of the really good nhl players didn't even play in the ahl
  10. forget modano, that lineup would be unstoppable with sharp!
  11. Riley sheahan is still in college...
  12. he needs to hurry up and make up his mind, if it's taking this long and he's questioning whether he even wants to play how can we trust that he's going to give his all if he decides to play
  13. I don't think Tatar will need that much time in GR.. I think by the 2011-2012 season he should be on the team and I think he might even be called up a few times next season to see how he looks
  14. you put modano on d?