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    Wings may trade Johan Franzen for Rick Nash?

    Giving so much in return of Nash... is it worth it? I'm not sure at all. But, definately, I'd love to see him playing for RW)))
  3. BillyMMG

    Ilya Bryzgalov

    I live in Russia and recently read in one russian sports newspaper that Bryzgalov could sign a contract with Red Wings, in case Lidstrom retired this summer. Actually, his salary should be something about 5-6 million dollars or I don't know, but more than his current $ 4.5 million, and I don't won't Holland to spend that much on him having Jimmy in roster.
  4. BillyMMG

    Los Angeles vs. San Jose

    I cheer LA here)))
  5. BillyMMG

    Round 1: Wings vs. Coyotes

    Too many people predict an easy victory. Bryzgalov may be a problem for Wings, but I hope there won't be 7 matches. Wings in 6.
  6. BillyMMG

    Steve Yzerman named TB's new GM

    surprised with this desision.... anyway good luck Steve! thanks for everything! wish to see you back in Red Wings some day)))
  7. BillyMMG

    Rumor: Wings may swap for Kaberle

    I think it's not so easy now to say what play Kaberle will be able to make next season, if RW sign him. The only NHL team he played for is Maple Leafs. What could he show in WC and especcialy in WC playoffs? I don't know.... His salary is 4.25. I believe there are some other good attacking defensmen in 4-5 scope, who could replace Nick.