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  1. No sock puppet here. Just a reasonable Wings fan who thinks you're very very stupid. LOL at you.
  2. I don't mean to be rude, but you don't seem very bright. My "argument" is that attacking the messenger and not the message is really stupid, not that we can't criticize the performance of NHL players. Obviously Burish has every right to say that about Pronger just as I have every right to say Howard sucks. yeah, this guy is pretty much clueless.
  3. From the HF Boards: "I love the people who post crap saying Burish can't say this because he isn't a "good enough hockey player" or whatever. Based on that logic we should just shut down HFBoards. Who here has the right to say bad things about anyone in the NHL? After all, they are better than we are, so therefore our opinions don't matter. If Adam Burish isn't allowed to comment on Chris Pronger because Pronger is an All-Star and Burish is a scrub, then we aren't allowed to comment on Adam Burish because he is in the NHL and we aren't. Talk about double standards."