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  1. VilliePlzComeBack

  2. Ville Leino 1/3 of Philly's offensive unit

    im saying lets trade franzen and his ridiculous contract that was only made that way because we were trying to keep him and hossa but that didnt work out and now its going to kill us. then maybe we wouldnt have to give up players. and leino wasnt lazy he controlled the puck deep in the corners and drove to the net constantly. he avereged 13 min a game so you can take those top six minutes and shove them. sorry he didnt produce the six games he had good minutes for. best thing we can do is get rid of franzen while he still has some value, jimmy howard too while were at it. and all i could do was laugh at drew miller playing like a beast. that kid had so many chances he didnt bury it was nuts. were trying to cheat the cap system and its going to kill us in the coming years if we dont change it. ville leino is just the tip of the ice berg. remember that next year when his "lazy" skateing puts up 30 goals next year. even if it is in the weak eastern conference.
  3. chicago-based wings fans

    The blackhawks wining and their bandwagon fans is the the third best thing that couldve happened for hockey and the second best thing that couldbe happened for the wings. id be so down for a renewed rivalry with the hawks and chicago is poised to become a huge hockey city. maybe our sport will grow a little and we can get off versus and on the espn with the big boys. i wasnt born yet in the 80s how was redwing hockey back in the day?
  4. Ville Leino 1/3 of Philly's offensive unit

    apparently you think 55 games with an average about 13 minutes on the ice is the enough time to determine a players potential but i doubt ken holland is so dim witted. Facts are Leino was a perfect fit for the wings. hes a puck possesion player and if you wanna talk about chipping in with key goals how about a game winner in the 13 games he played last season and two game winners for us this year. not to mention one in the finals for the flyers. It has everything to do with frontloaded contracts. i can think of atleast 3 huge contracts were paying for mostly up front and its putting us in a cap bind. if we didnt have to make room for franzens contact when he came back from injury ville wouldnt have gone anywhere and maybe he wouldve added some much need points in our series against the sharks. god knows drew miller wasnt doing it.
  5. Ville Leino 1/3 of Philly's offensive unit

    Ville was not traded because of his performance in detroit. he played well in the few games he played last year and wasnt given much of a shot this year. he was traded do to the salary cap trouble detroit was in because of all these monster front loaded contracts we have given to players like franzen and rafalski. Its an embarassment that we cant hold on to our up-and-coming talent. especially because the team as is cant get it done.
  6. Atleast the cup is in the hands of an original 6 team and away from the those butt loving penquins.