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  1. Not sure if this was posted yet. I used the search button and found nothing. Also not sure if this should be in the trade rumors section? But it has a good article concerning the team and what Kenny is thinking of doing. This paragraph was under Pavel who was on my fantasy team during the regular season on NHL.com's super star pickup league. General Manager Ken Holland says that Pavel Datsyuk will not be traded in the off-season. Pavel Datsyuk and Brendan Shanahan are receiving a lot of flak from fans and the media after the Wings' playoff elimination, likely won't be part of the four to eight changes that Holland wants to make. Especially Datsyuk, whom Holland considers a building block for the future along with Henrik Zetterberg. "I can tell you right now, today, there are no plans to trade Pavel Datsyuk," Holland said about a player who has been rumored to be trade bait for an elite goalie. "With Pavel and Hank, we have a 1-2 punch, one being 25 (Zetterberg), the other 26 (Datsyuk), that are great players, that really care, that compete and they love hockey." Datsyuk can't be blamed for a poor playoff as he came back early from an injury that sidelined him for the three weeks of the regular season. Detroit news