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  1. Blackhawks star Kane has fractured wrist

    Wait, people are still believing the BS coke/rehab story? That was proven false literally like the day after it came out.
  2. Trade Speculation Talk...

    Is this a serious post? Before, Campbell was always considered the biggest part of the Blackhawks supposed "capocalypse". He was the guy that was supposedly going to keep us from getting the quality depth we needed to make a legit Cup run. he was also the guy who was considered "unmovable" because of his albatross contract. But now that the Blackhawks find a way to dump that horrible contract, it's "lol Hawks lose another pice of their core". What a joke. Campbell was the Blackhawks 4th best defensemen. Also, you said they bid adieu to "another piece of their core". So, what core player have they lost? Byfuglian? Versteeg? Ladd? Madden? What core player have they lost? The Hawks ended up keeping their top 4 forwards, their top 3 d-men, and coming out even in the goaltending situation during the supposed "capocalypse". Now they have all the key players locked up long term, and the cap space to add that quality depth.
  3. GDT 10/29

    What an ignorant post. Before tonight, Turco has been EXCELLENT for the Hawks. Meanwhile Niemi is getting lit up every time he takes the ice. Turco has been excellent, Niemi has been atrocious. Educate yourself before you say things you clearly know nothing about.
  4. Jiri Hudler

    Haha all during the offseason Hudler was the main guy you all claimed made the biggest difference in why the Red Wings weren't that great last season. I thought he was supposed to be Jesus?
  5. 10/13 GDT

    It's just an obnoxious phrase/joke people on here cling to because they could never accept the fact that the Hawks won the Stanley Cup last season. After every Hawks loss this season, someone will make a joke involving the word "core" and think they're being hilarious and that is prives something. It's would be the equivalent of a Hawks fan saying "but the Red Wings are healthy this season!!" after they lost to Colorado the other day. Anyways, it's stupid to make any sort of assessment this early in the season, especially when this Hawks team is A) extremely young, B) Has lots of new players who need to learn each other, and C) Are missing key guys that will be back soon. Kane will miss Friday's game at Columbus (Which means they'll be without Kane/Hjalmarsson/Campbell that game), and I'm sure if they lose that game, people on here will be claiming they suck and they aren't going anywhere blah blah. The truth? The Red Wings are better on paper, but if the Hawks can stay healthy, they'll compete for the division.... or at least not let Detroit run away with it. I'm expecting a 4-5 seed finsih from the Hawks this year, and that's ok with me.
  6. 10/13 GDT

    Oh, Hjalmarsson and Campbell played tonight? Interesting. And we all know that 4 games tells us everything about a team.
  7. Versteeg a Leaf

    And you still can't do it. Complete denial.
  8. Versteeg a Leaf

    And exactly what does that havew to do with the conversation? And a picture from 2 seasons ago with a player that isn't even on our team anymore? Talk about living in the past. Not to mention the Red Wings finished that season exactly the same as the Blackhawks: without a cup. See, this is a perfectly reasonable post. Why can't more people accept the fact that the Hawks will still be good? That's what this all stems from and is the only reason that I'm here. I keep seeing Red Wings fans claim we are going to crash hard this season, and there's really nothing to suggest that. Also, I'll point out that the Hawks had some significant injuries last season. Hossa, Bolland, and Campbell all missed significant time.
  9. Versteeg a Leaf

    Are you joking? I can't wait until what you say when the offseason is over and the Blackhawks still have a good team. Soooo bitter. I guess accepting the fact that the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup AND are going to be good again next season is too much for your brain to process.
  10. Versteeg a Leaf

    Ok and let's say they lose Ladd and keep everyone else. Guess what? Still a very good team. Seriously, why can't you guys accept that the Blackhawks will still be a good team next season? Why is that so difficult?
  11. Versteeg a Leaf

    And until they get a chance to do that and fail, you can't say they're different either.
  12. Versteeg a Leaf

    It doesn't matter. Even if the Blackhawks don't lose anybody else that's significant, you guys will still be talking about how the Hawks were dismantled. I can see the first thread title on this board the day the regular season ends- "LOL Hawks finish with only 102 points. Was the Stanley Cup worth it, Chicago? loll ok so we have elite young talent locked up long term, and a good minor league system. So explain to me we're built for short term success. What else do they need to do?
  13. Versteeg a Leaf

    But seriously, when the Blckhawks finish with like 103 points next season, what will the argument be? That our downfall doesn't start until the next season?
  14. Versteeg a Leaf

    And the Blackhawks are doing a good job of insuring long term success by replenishing their minor league system with these trades. The amount of denial on this board re: the Hawks situation is absolutely hilarious. We have 3 of the best players in the NHL locked up at extremely young ages and are now stocking up on more good minor league young talent. Exactly how are the Blackhawks in bad shape long term? Campbell and....