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  1. I agree. Tatar looks seems invisible tonight.
  2. Get Sheahan out of the top 6....
  3. Vanek, and Neilsen are way better players then Pulks, Frk and Ferraro so I have no idea what your point is on that. Also Hockey at the end of the day is a business. If your boss says make the playoffs to generate more revenue, well guess what? your job is to make the playoffs. The 25 year playoff streak might not be important to you, but to the owners it might be.
  4. Then nyqvististhefuture will say "I told you so"
  5. I think he was referring to Richdg post. Also to the poster who said leave Green unprotected. That might be a huge mistake given his year thus far.
  6. Thank god we didn't give Sproul up for nothing. Short sample size but he looks good.
  7. Green looking realgud this season.
  8. Gotta bury that Tats. Thought he was going backhand.
  9. What a shot. Awesome play by Big E as well.
  10. Miller for Rocket.
  11. Mantha scores on that play. Just saying.
  12. The Wings offense as a whole last year was awful yet your going to cherry pick Abby's stats?
  13. Helm looks realgud so far this season. Hopefully he keeps it up and plays the whole season this way.
  14. I heard Arizona needs a goalie! Just saw Sheahan is on the top line? lol wtf has happened.