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  1. Miller for Rocket.
  2. Mantha scores on that play. Just saying.
  3. The Wings offense as a whole last year was awful yet your going to cherry pick Abby's stats?
  4. Helm looks realgud so far this season. Hopefully he keeps it up and plays the whole season this way.
  5. I heard Arizona needs a goalie! Just saw Sheahan is on the top line? lol wtf has happened.
  6. He was also very good in New York.
  7. Intermissions is our kryptonite.
  8. Vanek da real MVP.
  9. I don't think you will believe me but Helm scored.
  10. Go look at the July 1st FA thread.
  11. What a pass by Z. Where the Holland haters at tonight!
  12. Vanek has looked realgud.
  13. It's too early to say that and he's only 24. Last year for like 2 months Mrazek was the best goalie in the league.
  14. We would have won if Pulks was on our team. Just saying.