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  1. No but we would have won the cup if we had him apparently.
  2. 1. Jarnkrok last two seasons - 81GP and 72GP 2. Nowhere anywhere did I post Jurco is a waste of life. My comment was based on your opinion of how the Wings are going to regret the deal like you say every time they lose a prospect. Sorry but I don't take your opinion very seriously based on your post history. Yea I did it to suit my argument. No honest mistake here.
  3. Handful of games.
  4. Sheahan has had two better seasons, but Jarnkrok one trumps him. Nice.
  5. Hindsight my friend. Last year when Sheahan had 25 points and Jarnkrok had 22 points. Or the year before that when Sheahan had 36 points and Jarnkrok had 30 points. Not to mention Sheahan is better defensively than Jarnkrok.
  6. You say this about every prospect traded though...
  7. Mrazek in net again? Interesting. Have a feeling this is going to be a bad game. Sid the kid is on fire right now, along with Malkin.
  8. What about the people that actually pay?
  9. They are saying 6+ games.
  10. DK is a disaster Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Good job Nyquist you useless f*** Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. They have more than just a goalie...
  13. You got excited lol.
  14. I knew he wasn't doing that good, but isn't this out of left field? Didn't know he was so close to passing.