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  1. SCF: Boston Bruins vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Did she stick her hand in your mouth? Maybe you should have face washed or fought her, by your logic those things are okay. You are so far out to lunch it's hilarious, and almost disturbing.
  2. SCF: Boston Bruins vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Not sure if you think this post is funny or what (it's not), but comparing what Burrows did to rape and calling him a sadistic pedophile is uncalled for and just plain tasteless, even for someone with an obvious complex regarding the Canucks.
  3. Vancouver Media already playing "wings too old" card

    The "curse" that says teams that win the presidents trophy are more likely to win the cup than those which don't?
  4. Vancouver Media already playing "wings too old" card

    Didnt seem to hurt them against the Hawks or Preds, or ALL SEASON LONG for that matter (being predicted to take the Presidents trophy). And I'm not sure how you see a team being confident as a BAD thing...cocky or overconfident yes, but this team has never given any reason to show that they buy their hype, and if perhaps they did after game 3 vs Chicago, thats long since been washed away by that humbling game 4-6 scare. The fans/media are not the players, and all season long its been "one game at a time, we're playing a great team tonight, etc).
  5. Nashville vs. Vancouver

    Fisher is a solid 2nd line Center on most teams, but a beast? LOL, hardly. He had 36 points in 82 games this year. Career high of 53. The fact that he's the Preds best forward is as strong a testament as any to their serious lack of any high-end talent up front. I can definitely see Fisher as the type of player a team can win championships with....provided he's playing on the 3rd line.
  6. Is the Western Conference better?

    I think whoever takes the west, takes the cup.
  7. 1/8 GDT: Red Wings 2 at Canucks 1 (SO)

    Great game, very entertaining. Howard was the difference, IMO (and a couple posts ) I'll look forward to March 23, and seeing what the Nucks can do vs. a healthy Detroit squad. Congrats on the win, and ending the winning streak (now an "unbeaten in regulation" streak?) I don't feel too bad about the loss....no shame in losing to Detroit, and it could be a good thing to take these guys down a notch...I'm worried they'll start believing their own hype, and that they don't need to show up to win (as was the case vs Cgy and Edm).
  8. 1/8 GDT: Red Wings 2 at Canucks 1 (SO)

    Hi guys, long time no-see. Should be a great game tonight, much like the 2 previous this year. Even with their injury issues, I don't see the Nucks underestimating an always-dangerous Red Wings team. They always seem to get up for games vs. Detroit (even when in a losing effort), and I'm hoping tonight is no exception.
  9. Fans more paranoid than ours

    conflict of interest what a joke
  10. 4/15 - Off Night Games

    What a bargain that guy is at 2.5mil.....Mr. Clutch
  11. Henrik Sedin laying it down for Ovechkin

    I was under the impression the Art Ross goes to goals as a tiebreaker?
  12. Gold Medal Game Offciating

    truth hurts Nothing against the American team, they overperformed expectations, but they were clearly not the best team. Brooks Orpik? Time Gleason? Seriously?
  13. Gold Medal Game Offciating

    Brodeur giftwrapped that one for you, pretty simple. The better team didn't win that game, Miller stole it.
  14. Gold Medal Game Offciating

    lol what a ****** if anything it would have been unsportsmanlike on the 'murcan for throwing a cheap hit well after the buzzer. You were lucky to get away with that one, as well as that dirty Langenbrunner chopping away at Luongo seconds after the whistle. If anything the calls favored the Americans. Suck it up and take the loss with some class.
  15. Russia vs. Canada