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  1. GDT

    Does it feel good to call someone a pathetic loser you red wing fan?
  2. GDT

    I have tears too.
  3. I apologize for adding any dissenting view to the wine festival.
  4. If you think that's what is truly going through their minds then all hope is lost for you. They just a forced a game 6 AT HOME in triple overtime. If you think the Pens players aren't pumped and don't have all the confidence in the world then pass whatever you're smoking.
  5. Don't worry it'll come back to Detroit.
  6. You mean Little Caesar's comes unpoisoned too?
  7. Maybe your team could try not bumrushing the net and keeping their sticks down.. Just a thought.
  8. Pitt has all the momentum in the world IMO. Course Detroit comes out on fire in game 6 and that could dissipate to meaning nothing very quickly.
  9. He looked solid. I hope Ozzy goes back in.
  10. That's a beast of a plan.. I get off semi-early on Wednesdays and can sleep in on Thursdays, so I should be in. 4-3 Blues.. Wings up 2-0 at end of 1st.. Blues score 4 in the 2nd period.. Wings get a fancy one in the 3rd but too little too late.
  11. That was priceless... You'd never have seen Mark "get me out of this city and this sport" Sauer care like that. BTW, we need to hit another game sometime.. Maybe I'll even pay for a beer or 2 of my own this time.
  12. It's a good year to be a central team fan. Lotta excellent hockey to be played.
  13. I think it was a club section.