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  1. Big Bob was one of my favs too !! what a hell of a pick up was he .
  2. wow wheres Mr Hockey ?
  3. as far as orr vs lids you cannot compare players of today with players from then game is too diffrent
  4. he was one of my favorite players in the old days good luck slava
  5. the poor guy got the worst punishment....3 more years with the Oilers! thats crule!
  6. This Clusterchuck has to end soon . Damn Devils! first the trap now this s***!
  7. stick a fork in her its done barring a holly s*** moment . Meech is gone I love what the guy did but id rather have Miller leave than Ritola .
  8. In my way off thinking due to the fact that hank still has a while left to play and as some have said will pass Naslund this year that makes Z a better player already but thats just me
  9. lol well if he does the millitary thing thats cool.. let the boy get some hand to hand combat traning and that would also mean more PT as well
  10. Boo ******* hoo we will have a nice 4th line and needed the vet blueliner
  11. lmao dont eat the brown acid!
  12. lol he only put the pens sticker on so he wouldnt make cindy cry !
  13. Nashville yes I plan on going there for atleast one game but I hate Ohio and Stl is a big no no for me ( legal trouble there a few years back lol )
  14. lol I was kiding about a team here ....I say axe 2 teams then move 2 teams and then talk about adding some teams maybe a few years down the road ....After Betman has been sacked drawn and quatered !!!
  15. Lol I can feel ya on that one tho southern.....I just moved to Kentucky and would love to have a team close by so I could see the Wings kick their ass live .