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  1. wally42

  2. Macomb Community College hockey

    Its been a while but I want to try to get this started pm me. I have some people interested and get this started.
  3. Best Captains by Team

    Ducks - Paul Kariya Sabres - michael peca Blackhawks - Chris Chelios Avalanche - Joe Sakic Blue Jackets - Rick nash Canadiens - Maurice Richard Blues - Chris Pronger
  4. Macomb Community College hockey

    I can't get ahold of the athletic director so I'm gonna have to wait a couple weeks until I start school to get this going. I have you're email adress and I'll get back to you soon.
  5. Wings offer Aaron Downey Tryout?

  6. Talbot calls Ovechkin a "Douche"

    I know man, Ovi's SUCH a douchebag....
  7. Jonathan Roy faces assault charge

    come on, what do you expect? He's patrick roy's son!
  8. I call shenanigans

    I thought matt barnaby was funny the first time I saw him fight, but the jokes getting old. I don't look down on him for not fighting fischer look at his eye!
  9. NHL's Most Unbreakable Records

    And Lemieux could take a hit without throwing a temper tantrum about it...
  10. What are you listening to? 2?

    My War -Black Flag Dirty Water - The Standells
  11. Kevin Smith

    ... Kevin Smith is a hockey fan and loyal New Jersey Devils fan. Smith wrote his own blog that was posted on the National Hockey League's website and also often blogs specifically about the Devils. NHL has since discontinued his blog when the NHL found his blogs to be too controversial. Smith is also a fan of the Edmonton Oilers. NHL STRIKES AGAIN! NHL OR PMRC?
  12. Riley Sheahan

    That has nothing to do with his game. He's in college for f*** sakes.
  13. Top 5 Fighters

    I don't know about that Chara can wrestle guys down but he rarely lands a good punch. When you're that big you sacrifice coordination
  14. Sergei Federov

    I know man! I didnt even know who he was talking about!
  15. Wings should sign Paul Kariya