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  1. ah well there ya have it haha, seems they're pretty confident in their other goalies then.
  2. Your point is a good one but Miller is in the last year of his contract.. he does have a high salary though (and a modified NTC) so he wouldn't get moved to LA, or probably at all, for that reason. Could see the jets moving Pavelec for a draft pick to get something for him while they can. This is assuming their other goalies have been good enough to make them comfortable moving him. Eating half his salary would make it a better pick.. that could be motivation enough.
  3. It's weird watching a power play make shot quantity a priority love it!
  4. I don't know, sounds like a bit much.. they should probably include Duclair too just to balance it out a little
  5. Going to the game Saturday.. the wings can have mantha after that Excited for the playoff rematch!
  6. agreed, general fanager was a very well put together site.. i liked it a lot. but boring games? i understand the first two (minus the first period at tampa) but did you watch last night?? it was far from boring.
  7. vanek looked great again on that helm goal. hope he keeps up this play
  8. at least we're still allowed to celebrate
  9. on second look yea. but jk jk
  10. Sheahan proving he belongs in the top 6 right there
  11. yeah, i was thinking maybe they got bought out by another site or the league oh nice, good for him! thanks for the info
  12. agreed. would like to see a top 6 of: abby-nielsen-vanek tatar-larkin-Z
  13. Sorry if this has been discussed somewhere but it doesn't really specify on their site.... anyone know what happened? also, any suggestions of alternative sites would be greatly appreciated
  14. YES! Good to see Green get going! and for hockey gods' sakes, KEEP THE PRESSURE UP!
  15. Pretty much the lines Khaaaaaan tweeted but switch Abby and Sheahan. Give that a try.... I don't think Abby is the best top 6 winger in the league by any means but I'm confused why blash thinks Sheahan belongs up there? Maybe he's seeing something in practice I'm not seeing in the games.