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  1. DRW Training Camp 2017

    I'm a little jealous, I've always wanted to go up there for camp. Maybe next year. Not too much of that surprises me. Cholowski getting the bump up with Kronner resting is some of the best camp news, imo. Seems like they want to fast track him to the NHL as much as possible. PA with the big boys is cool and all but I think he's mostly a backup plan if AA does actually leave for Russia. I still don't think he will though.
  2. Training Camp Opens

    Cholowksi might be one to keep an eye on. Hopefully he plays his way onto the roster sooner rather than later.
  3. With the way some fans talk about him, we would've won 2-3 cups in 2010 alone!
  4. Athanasiou Rumor

    That's what I figured.. wishful thinking I suppose
  5. DRW Training Camp 2017

  6. Athanasiou Rumor

    Maybe they cut him for klinkhammer but yeah, you're right.. looks like they're still at 5 of 5 foreigner spots used up after the cut and trade. Hopefully the KHL only has a small window to make cuts; that'd be more telling of the AA situation from their end (barring another trade). Does anyone know if that's the case or not?
  7. Athanasiou Rumor

    maybe(hopefully) a sign AA has decided against the KHL? They could always make another trade of course but here's to hoping.
  8. Athanasiou Rumor

    It's probably just his agent looking for as much leverage as he can where his client would usually have next to none. I could also understand the Olympics being a factor.. wouldn't blame him for wanting to play there. I still feel like AA will end up signing before camp but we'll see I suppose.
  9. David Booth get PTO Apparently the PTO was a request from Booth. That makes more sense, I suppose. He probably wants back into the league and was in the area training in the off season.
  10. David Booth get PTO

    Yeah, I felt the "if booth was willing" was implied enough. But if no vets were lost on forward, I don't know if I'd want him in Grand Rapids either..
  11. Article of Truth

    Come on! He has a family!
  12. David Booth get PTO

    A little extra camp competition and probably not much more than that. Would actually be ok with this I think.. depending on if any vets lefts after last year.
  13. Off-season moves

    Malik is really good as passing other people's work as his own AA isn't going anywhere. And as much as I'd like to have Vanek back (under the right circumstances anyway), our interest in him is probably only as a backup plan for AAs potential study abroad.
  14. Off-season moves

    Looks like they upped it a little Don't know why the tweet didn't post like usual but 6 year/42 mill was the offer.
  15. Eddie Olczyk

    He is.. when he's not commentating for NBC, anyway. He's also from Illinois and was drafted third overall by the Hawks/started his playing career there. Helps explain his bias against the wings anyway, that sucks to hear. I don't like the guy but I think anyone can say they hate cancer way worse.. hope he gets well soon.