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  1. At least he should get some playing time there of all places i guess.. does seem weird that they didn't just claim him on waivers. Weren't paying attention maybe?
  2. They get lottery odds as if they were third from last.... they can draft as low as 6th if the three lotto picks go to teams above them and (likely) the avs and coyotes. That most likely won't happen obviously, but they're not automatically the third overall pick. The first three picks are still being auctioned off.
  3. Yeah it doesn't make a whole lot of sense to play anyone we know is getting dealt.
  4. Hahahaha I didn't even notice it said smith twice. Whoops. I just copy the tweet URL from my twitter app and paste onto the mobile site and it does it automatically. I primarily use my phone for LGW so I'm not sure if it works in the regular browser but I'd assume so? (edit: just tried it on my desktop in the bishop to LA thread and it worked)
  5. wait, is jensen hurt??
  6. Wonder if this has anything to do with a smith deal falling through? Seems unlikely but this also seems like a weird time to focus on extending Jensen. Maybe it was just an easy process. Whatever the reason, I'm glad to have him.. Jensen has been exciting to watch and I hope he keeps getting better. Figured it'd be cheap. Could turn out to be a steal.. good signing indeed.
  7. Bingo bango!
  8. My thoughts exactly.. Cernak is either good or that was the only team offering anything for bishop. Maybe both
  9. Agree with your wishful thinking but I'd be STOKED if somehow this worked out.. even as more of a package deal.
  10. Yeah my guess for Vegas is probably helm.. but also what seems like most every wings fan view of "hopefully Ericsson or Howard"
  11. There's no way Tatar or Nyquist is left unprotected.
  12. TSN guys should have you covered. They retweet anyone else that posts about trades and such.. I follow McKenzie, Dreger, and LeBrun and they pretty much cover everything NHL trades/rumors.
  13. No, they have to have their final expansion dues payment in or whatever before they can talk to other teams and owner Bill Foley has said they won't have it in by March 1st.
  14. Yeah good value for him.. hope he gets his career on track. Holland did good here.