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  1. Ericsson for Hall. MAKE IT HAPPY KENNY!
  2. Murray is starting. edit: I don't know how but completely missed the post, chaps thought the discussion was all hypothetical
  3. Hey now, I like Orlov.. *drifts back into the shadows* No really though, I remember a discussion about him being someone we should look at getting given Washington's upcoming cap crunch. I'm still really bummed we didn't stay in the western conference long enough for Boston to consider trading us Hamilton.
  4. Yeah probably. But I think the Oilers would go closer to 7 games and the ducks may get swept.
  5. Thanks a lot caps.. on to the next one. Fun fact: If the ducks lose tonight, it'll make five years in a row that they've lost game sevens at home Go Oilers!
  6. Caps haven't played like it's a game seven since the first five min of the game...
  7. The rest of the team has adapted his hotdog loving ways.
  8. I've been wrong before, and I'm sure it'll happen again, but the caps do not look like they're going to win this game...
  9. Nah, he really hasn't.. it is known. But his defensive play has improved a lot under Trotz.
  10. Ovi has been partially responsible for both goals against.... terrible. Loved seeing Oshie level Crosby though
  11. I would protect Jensen over Ouellet but it's close.. tough call imo.
  12. Pens forecheck is insane.. they just need to be burned once so they're a little more hesitant. But man, caps can't buy a goal.
  13. Really NBC? Breaking down a tiny Crosby toe drag? That was the easiest save holtby has had all night
  14. Hahaha I was really hoping the puck would fall into the net when fleury stood up before the whistle
  15. Welcome and enjoy!