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  1. 10/13 - Red Wings at Golden Knights - 10:30 PM EST

    I want to see Fleury get lit up like it’s April in Pittsburgh again
  2. 10/13 - Red Wings at Golden Knights - 10:30 PM EST

    Hopefully we destroy them so the wings Twitter person can reply with a simple “scoreboard.”
  3. 10/10 GDT - Red Wings @ Stars - 8:30 PM EST

    Witkowski in the lineup.. fight night in Dallas?! Wings win 3-1. Witkowski with the Gordie Howe hat trick, his assist is on a Sheahan goal, Mantha with the other. Let’s goooo!
  4. Or the FML... depending on the game
  5. Goal Horn Devastation

    i think a lot of people were too busy walking around checking out the new digs... sounded like someone recorded the old horn with their phone.. also glad to hear it sounds better in the arena.
  6. That Mantha-Larkin-Frk line though! Each on pace for 82 goal seasons!
  7. Hahaha go up by 2, then Coyle throws a temper tantrum. Let’s bury them.
  8. I take back what I said about the power play LGW!
  9. #FreeMikeGreen not from the box, from being paired with errorson...
  10. I could almost hear him fumbling through his game notes looking for the artist’s name
  11. “That is by the Chevrolet entrance to Little Caesars Arena” is a sentence I’d rather never hear about my team....
  12. Someone teach nyquist to lift the puck!
  13. SOMEBODY GET THAT BOY SOME BIRTHDAY GOALS! LGW! Hey Hey hockey’s back! 3-0, all Frk.
  14. So obviously, we need to throw double the octopi!