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  1. Yeah my guess for Vegas is probably helm.. but also what seems like most every wings fan view of "hopefully Ericsson or Howard"
  2. There's no way Tatar or Nyquist is left unprotected.
  3. TSN guys should have you covered. They retweet anyone else that posts about trades and such.. I follow McKenzie, Dreger, and LeBrun and they pretty much cover everything NHL trades/rumors.
  4. No, they have to have their final expansion dues payment in or whatever before they can talk to other teams and owner Bill Foley has said they won't have it in by March 1st.
  5. Yeah good value for him.. hope he gets his career on track. Holland did good here.
  6. Eaves to the ducks edit: don't know why the tweet won't show properly but here's what McKenzie quoted: Conditional second round pick good job Jim Nill. Great deal for the stars.
  7. Semi deadline related a little maybe? blues fans do not seem happy with this.. a lot of "this better be a sign then trade" comments haha
  8. Ah that's right. I forgot about that stint.. I don't really see Tavares leaving the isles. I'd like him to because I think he's wasted enough of his career, but I don't see it happening.
  9. I wouldn't be surprised about him wanting to sign with a contender but at a bigger price seems a bit iffy considering where contenders usually stand with cap space. I could see him signing a decent deal with the islanders to play with Tavares
  10. There was a report somewhere saying the pens were looking to add another defenseman after Hainsey.. they have a fair amount of injuries on their blueline. Not sure if it'd be Smith or not but looks like they're not done yet. Word is that the rangers are looking at smith. I'm sure there are others as well.
  11. Pretty sure the whole league is as of earlier this month. Weird that they'd change the rules mid season like that. Edit: link
  12. Nikita Zaitsev please Really though? where did you see this?
  13. Yeah it would definitely take a little more cap management. I am a pretty big fan of more offensive defensemen though, so maybe i over value him a little bit.. but I think he'd be worth it. He's a very good player. Yes. I think he'll be gone then re-signed in free agency; hopefully to not too long of a contract.. 2, maybe 3 years at a decent cap hit.
  14. I agree but I don't see why he wouldn't sign a maximum term contract.. 6x7 years was already turned down (maybe because he doesn't want to be in Tampa, who knows), so it might take 7 or 8x7 years. I think thats too much but wouldn't be surprised if someone offered it to him. I might be ok with 7x7 but I wouldn't feel amazed by it.