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  1. Don't think I've checked him out yet, I will when I get a chance. Thanks!
  2. I am a fan of offensive defensemen, so I think that's why I like Liljegren. I do like the idea of trading back and adding a second though.. how do you feel about Hague? Him or Foote would be the target if we traded back a bit, I'd think. I'd like either of them.. and the idea of a Foote on the wings would be funny I'm for it.
  3. Vegas gets the same odds as 3rd from last and is guaranteed no lower than 6th so we can fall to 7th.. but that would be very unlikely. I think I like Liljegren at 4th after the first 3 you named. Although I haven't done a ton of studying past reading summaries and watching highlights of the guys you've listed plus a few others.
  4. so say we can't trade for trouba at all and end up keeping our first, we get 5th overall, and centers are taken 1-4.... do you draft Liljegren at 5? He seems like he comes with some risk but the more I read about him, the more I like him.
  5. Opponents knowing what to do to stop any rookie more their second year in the league because there's more film on them leads to the "sophomore slump" most of the time, I'd say. Combine that with the team's decline in production all around.... At least he's still scoring goals at a decent pace.
  6. @LeftWinger I'm not doubting we could get trouba using our 1st but I would just rather get a top center than a top D-man right now. We need both, no doubt. Defense in front of our net and scoring are two big problems we have.. a top center will help with both. So will a D-man though.. I don't know, I guess it's just two different approaches. If we draft in the top 6 and pick one then use most of the rest, if not all, of our picks on defense it'll be a good draft in my book.
  7. I'd be very upset we traded it then. The top 2 are very good center prospects.. on top of a couple top d men, we're in need of a top center.
  8. there's a rule about harming an official being an automatic 10 at least though.. the same rule doesn't apply to players. That said, I wouldn't be surprised if nyq got 10.
  9. $10,000 fine. (kidding) thanks for the heads up though. 7-10 games is my guess.
  10. Patrick/Foote in this draft would be incredible.. and at this point, sadly, feels more likely than making the playoffs. RE bolded: Cholowski still has 11 points in 30 games... not too bad for a freshman on a team that's having a down year. Plus, I'm pretty sure it was said when he drafted that he wanted to play all four years of college, get his degree, etc.... if he's struggling two seasons from now, then we should start to worry. D-men can take a while to develop.
  11. Do they say if this is a one time thing or the rest of the season or anything?
  12. this should make the trade deadline even more exciting
  13. First home game since Illitch's passing. Win it for Mike! LGW wings win 4-3 in a shootout. Larkin and Tarasenko with a hatty apiece & AA with the shootout winner
  14. Oh man, this will only add to their already bitter rivalry.. I'm for it. Habs/Bruins games are some of my favorites non-red wings matchups to watch. Right after Flyers/Penguins