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  1. 10/16 GDT : Tampa Bay Lightning at Red Wings, 7:30 EST

    Helm has to shoot that last minute chance.
  2. 10/13 - Red Wings at Golden Knights - 10:30 PM EST

    Last year, the best PP% and the 2nd worst was only separated by 10% ( 24.3%-14.1.%) (Avs were extra bad with 12.1) so the spectrum is not very wide for this stat. 3% change is a big thing especially when you were only middle of the pack the year before. Not sure why you're challenging this. It was a big storyline talked about a lot throughout the year. Not a huge deal, but those aren't the scoring stats I see: 2016-17: 198 goals for vs. 209,gte,1&sort=ppPctg Anyway, my main argument has been there's a number of aspects you can point to - not claiming that lower production was the main cause. That was my whole initial point: I don't think you can't essentialize it and put the blame one area or spot. I was talking about Larkin, Sheahan, DK etc being worse than the previous year generally as example of players other than Mrazmataz who were significantly worse - I did list some lowered production numbers, but I think Larkin and DK struggled just as much on the defensive side. You can't look at Lark's +11 turning to -28 as another example of that. Or look at Corsi to see it went down about 3 points. 2 points for DK. And we lost our highest Corsi guy in Datsyuk. I feel like I've said my piece on this so cheers and agree to disagree.
  3. 10/13 - Red Wings at Golden Knights - 10:30 PM EST

    The blame still goes around for me. There's plenty of weak links between the years. Even beyond what we've already talked about. Larkin being significantly worse (13 pt. less production) struggles in center position. Dekeyser (+2 vs -22). Nielsen replacing Dats and playing significantly on the 3rd line. Sheahan's disappearance. New PP coach. And again, PP going from 13th to 27th is not slighty worse. One could just as easily been call that our weakest link. Or one of the other areas. It's not far-fetched to think that if any of these factors was better we could have squeezed into the playoffs.
  4. 10/13 - Red Wings at Golden Knights - 10:30 PM EST

    Again, I'm not arguing that goaltending wasn't worse, but there was definitely other factors and, i think, greater factors. My final pitch on how the Defence was significantly worse than the previous year: - Got rid of Quincey, who was a top 4 guy for us when he left. - Smith only played 33 games. - Marchenko waived after 30sum games so that's 3 guys from the previous year's team that were gone or (smith) played less than half the season. Already it's not the same group - Kronwall played less games and was noticeably worse. halved his point total (26 pt. turned to 13) - Ericsson played only 51 games. Struggled from his wrist injury. So only Green, DK, from the year before played close to a full year. And so we saw around quarter seasons from newbies who didn't play the year before: Sproul (27gp), Russo(19gp), all who showed different levels of struggle and weren't great. Lashoff and Renouf also got brief stints. And for all the talk of Howard being great last year (which he was) he still had a losing record (10-11-1). That suggests to me that a good goalie wouldn't be enough to compensate for a struggling team. And in the later half of the year he was 5-7-1. How much of that is his injury and how much is the team hitting struggles, injuries? As for "PP = worse (slightly? ish?)" (15-16) 18.80 to 15.08 is a significant drop. In 15-16 we were 13th in the league and last year we 27th. Anyway, agree to disagree. Hopefully Daley continues to be a good upgrade, Dk continues to rebound from last year, we stay away from D injuries , Larkin continues to fill the 2C role that I think was lacking last year, and the good goaltending continues.
  5. 10/13 - Red Wings at Golden Knights - 10:30 PM EST

    I just can't see the drop out of the playoff as only due to goaltending. Side note: Saying Smith and Jensen were improvements to the core to counteract concurrently with Kronwall's decline is suspect. Jensen only played 27 games last year and Kronwall's big drop off happened probably 3 years ago. Maybe you could say that Jensen replace Smith when he was traded or maybe a replacement for Quincey late in the season, but that's about it. And Smith's been playing full time since 2013. You could count him as replacing/an improvement over White, but his development while here was never much of a steep trajectory. But anyway were talking about the drop off last year not a larger curve. I didn't mention it before, but also losing Dk's partner in Q (who was very solid the couple years before) - and essentially replacing him with Oulette/Marchenko? last year - was also a significant hit to an already weak D. Plus Smith only played 33 games due to injury. Ericsson and Kronwall played 50 something games to injuries and were nagged by their injuries when they did play. Due to these factors and a subpar year from DK (also Marchenko playing himself off the team), I think the D was probably one of the bigger contributors to missing the playoffs. Anyway, my point is that explaining the change as just due to subpar goaltending is too simplistic. Though Mrazek wasn't good, goaltending never looked high on the list of the team's problems to me. And as I said before I don't think it was a complete switch from the year before when both goalies struggled off an on. Agreed that early mid is important. I think that often because team's lose moral if they're in the basement. Also, team's will trade for help if the team looks promising (or will go with youth if things look bad).
  6. 10/13 - Red Wings at Golden Knights - 10:30 PM EST

    I think that's essentializing too much. Mrazek wasn't good, but I thought the crappy PP, replacing Datsyuk with Nielsen, Kronwall+E's descline, underperforming Larkin+Helm+Abby+etc were more of an impact. Also, the year before last you must be forgetting that 2nd half after Mrazek's great stretch when both Howard and Mrazek were no good and it seemed neither wanted the starting role going into the playoffs. So it wasn't really we went from having good goaltending to having poor goaltanding. Both years had stretches of great goaltending. This good start is great to see, but this happened last year as well. Definitely don't want to be a downer, I don't think we should call this a change yet, since the teams we've beat so far haven't been among the league's best (Ott was Karlsson-less). Then again, I think if Larkin keeps proving himself a capable 2C that gets 2 top lines going (like when Datsyuk was here) and if Daley, Frk, Mantha keep having this positive effect on the PP, and yes good goaltending then the holes from last year could be filled and this success could be sustainable.
  7. 10/12 Detroit Red Wings @ Arizona Desert Dawgs | 10 pm ET

  8. 10/12 Detroit Red Wings @ Arizona Desert Dawgs | 10 pm ET

    Announcer says our powerplay is one of the best in the league?
  9. 10/10 GDT - Red Wings @ Stars - 8:30 PM EST

    Wasn't so bad of a game. Mrazek does some blame because of that horrible goal, but he was really solid mostly. Enjoying seeing Larkin and Mantha getting so much time and doing well with it. I'd definitely keep them together since them building chemistry would be great and give the team offence that isn't dependant on Z. I'd put Abby on the top line (I know some would go crazy over that) and Nyquist on the 3rd. I think that will help both lines.
  10. 10/05 GDT | at Red Wings 4, Minnesota Wild 2 (1st Game @ LCA)

    Or L(A)MF if they're really tearing it up.
  11. Athanasiou Rumor

    In his defence, he was right that he wasn't getting enough icetime since his production blew up as soon as he was traded. The knights even scratched him for those few playoff games, so I can understand him feeling that he was buried in the depth chart with the Knights and wanting to go somewhere else where he could develop his game. I think it would be rare to find drafted OHL players getting scratched in the playoffs - I mean those are the cream of the crop. And the team claiming he was sick rather than scratched seems weird. Maybe they were protecting him from questioning, but it could also be protecting themselves from scrutiny. Anyway, I would hesitate to use this as a previous example of him being difficult. London's coach, Dale Hunter does have a reputation of not getting along with some people. Ask Washington in his one year coaching there, he was also fined for abusing an official off-ice as London's coach and was fined for falsely claiming other coaches ordered their player to injure Max Domi as well as other fines. His character to me is questionable and I wouldn't trust his characterization in this article.
  12. 10/7 GDT: Red Wings 2, Ottawa Senators 1 (SO)

    It was all about Jimmy tonight! Other observations: I think we're playing better team defence this year. WItkowski must be a good face puncher because the only times he's been noticable is missing coverage or being slow. Just checked: Apparently he only played 4:36. Think we could give that spot to someone else if we had some cap space.
  13. 10/7 GDT: Red Wings 2, Ottawa Senators 1 (SO)

  14. 10/7 GDT: Red Wings 2, Ottawa Senators 1 (SO)

    HELM!!! EERRR, I mean FRKK On pace for 82 goals
  15. 10/7 GDT: Red Wings 2, Ottawa Senators 1 (SO)

    You get a slash penalty, you get a slash penalty, everybody gets a slash penalty!!!