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  1. Green is not overpaid. All the commentary at the time was questioning how we got him for only a 3 year deal. Was a great deal. Also, only Green and Kronwall make more than 5 million.
  2. After the season, Holland said at one of the press conferences that they felt they especially owed it to some people to continue the streak. I heard that especially to mean Mr. I. The streak might not mean much to you, but it's a big part of his legacy as an owner. It's one of the numbers that will stick out in the history books.
  3. Wait, What?! Hall was a hefty price. Addition by subtraction means you gain just by losing a player. I doubt anyone would say that about Hall. As for Schultz, no one expected a big return for him, because - as Nyq...future said he was pretty much a bust at the time.
  4. I thought the same thing. Klein is still signed to NY, so it could be he's suggesting a trade for a guy we can flip at the deadline. He's missing Howard in his final lineup, so maybe it's some weird 3 way trade with Calgary-NY? Not enough explanation of the final lineup. Other problems with the article: - He misses some of added list from this past year: Mantha, AA, Sproul, Ott - Sproul's put on the bottom of the depth chart below Hicketts and Russo?
  5. Don't want him. He's not good at face offs.
  6. This response pretty much confirms Holland's current 'damned if you do, damned if you don't' status.
  7. Apparently they also signed Emil Petterson. Wonder if there's any relation to the Petterson in this draft. They already have more swidish players than us on their roster, so they're definitely out-swedeing us these days. There should be a Swedish mafia war. They'll go to the ikea mattresses.
  8. Andre Benoit is indeed Canadian, but he came to the NHL after the playing in the FEL and SEL. The posts says bold was for players come from European Leagues. 38 games was Niemi's full season except for 3 call up games. Hence 1 season. It says 2 half seasons for Zuccarello. that's exactly the same as saying spilt 2 seasons. He played 73 AHL(35+36) vs. 62 NHL(42+10) games. That's significant time in the AHL. Young UFA free agents do play in the AHL. The AHL is mostly a development league after all. Older players that have played many years in top league are more formed so they don't need it as much or not at all. They aren't going to gain much from the AHL. Anyway, I think we're in agree to disagree territory. We'll just have to see. I'll willing eat some crow if we hear anything about guaranteed roster spots.
  9. Show me 1 example of a 21 or 22 year old, undrafted UFA that went from a 2nd tier league who went straight to the NHL. Or anybody that goes 2nd tier to NHL, for that matter. I think it would be quite something for him to demand a roster spot as part of a contract. The vast majority of undrafted UFAs play significant time in the AHL. If they're all demanding an NHL roster spot, there not getting it. For a sample, in wikipedia's list of undrafted players with more than 100 games, The majority have significant time in the AHL (I just looked at current player to limit a huge list). There's more but I got tired. You can add these to your 'exception' list: Eddie Lack (3 years), Niemi (1), Arcobello (3) Glendening (1.5 yrs+ some ECHL) St. Louis (3 years with call ups) Zuccarello (2 half years) Beagle (3.5) Benoit (1 after he was signed from SEL, 3 more before) Bollig (3.5), Rene Borque (1), Dan Boyle (2+), Bozak (.5), J.T. Brown (1+), Ryan Carter (1+) Desharnais (3.5 years), Desjardins (3), Brenden Dillon (1.5 years), Fiddler (2.5) Brian Flynn (1), Ryan Garbutt (2) Garbutt (almost 2), Garrison (1.5) Gionta (6) Giordano (2), Girardi (1.5) Gorges (parts of 3 seasons), ANdy Greene (1) Nick Holden (5) Tyler Johnson (2) Jooris (1+) Melkar Karlsson (part or 2 seasons) Kunitz (almost 2) Letestu (3) Lovejoy (3) McLeod (2.5) Mickalek (3) Kevin Miller (2+) Prosser (1,25) Purcell (1.5), Roussel (2.5) Scrivens (1.5) TVR (1) Talbot (3) Tanev (3 half years) Ward (3) Zucarello (2 half years) Guys from European leagues in Bold On that list, the only ones that didn't play significant time in the are below. None are from 2nd tier leagues. They're mostly older. Niklas Backstrom (age 29, after 10 years pro) Bellemare (age 29, after 12 years pro) Hiller (signed at age 25, 4 year pro) (did play 6 AHL games) Raffl (did play 2 AHL games)(age 25, 8 years pro) Gustavsson (age 25, 6 years pro) DK (Age 23, did play in AHL playoffs, I doubt he was guaranteed a roster spot) Bobrovsky (age 22, 4 years pro) (2 years in KHL) Sekac (age 22, 4 years pro) (3 years in KHL) Nothing looks like Ejdsell's 1 full year in the Allsv
  10. By "these" players I'm guessing you mean Brunner, Brunnstrom, etc. Those guys were 5-6 years older and has multiple years of success (and well paid salaries) in the top leagues in Europe. You guys seem to be missing this difference.
  11. Obviously, but if he sucked after 2 the AHL he just goes back home and keeps playing. But at least he tried the route toward playing in the NHL, becoming rich, etc. Anyway, we don't even know how long he would be in the minors so this is all a guess. It just seems very ridiculous to say that he's going to turn down the opportunity just over some time in the AHL. He's not a Euro star, big buck player. He's a 21 year old, undrafted guy who's only played around 25 odd pro games. I'm sure he's dreamed of playing in the NHL and is probably just thinking that his dream is rekindled after not being drafted. We've had some prospects go back home after a few year when they see a lack of opportunity, but that's different than turn things down at very beginning of the road. And he was in a 2nd tier league, so who's to say that he would even think that more development time was beneath him.
  12. Yeah, that is true. So he will make less if he only plays in the AHL, but that was just an add on to my original point. I just don't get your logic where you think he's valuing a year or 2 of the Swedish Elite League salary the development for an NHL career. Who's to say whether an NHL team would even want him in 2 years. Got to go for the opportunity while it's there. Even if your motivations are only monetary, getting in line for an NHL contract still makes more sense. Maybe he has a horrible agent, though...
  13. The average salary in Swedish Elite League is 200,000 and he'd make less than that as a rookie. You really think he'd pass up a chance at an NHL contract because he'll make about 100,000 more for a year or 2? If he makes it the NHL, even an entry level deal is about 4 times what he'd make in the the Swedish elite league. Anyway, since he's signing as a free agent (and one in demand), his AHL deal might be something like what Street (275,000) Lorito (250,000), or Lashoff (250,000) make. And that's probably more than he'd make in the SEL
  14. Interesting move. Another Czech goalie. Wonder why he wasn't drafted if he won that award for lowest OHL GAA from a Rookie goalie
  15. Macho, Macho Man, Yeah!!!