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  1. 11/22 GDT : Edmonton Oilers vs Detroit Red WIngs : 7:00 PM ET

    For me, they've ruined their interesting storyline. I really liked Edmonton when they had Hall and Eberle and they felt like the bumbling band of good guys who could never get it together due to well intentioned but incompetent management. I've always been watching them and cheering them as the underdog. But since they got rid of those guys that rode through the hard times and that the city loved, - and signed that #%^& Lucic - It's no longer the band finally making good. There's no guys getting redemption now that McDavid's there. So, I says let the s*** show continue!!! Let's go Wings!!!!
  2. Happy Thanksgiving, Peeps

    Friends really did steal all their jokes, didn't they. That's from Mr. Bean:
  3. The MANtha watch.....

    You're right. Honestly, I didn't watch them - was just going off what Buppy said and knew of Schultz's beast year. At most you could probably just say they replaced Letang with Schultz's year/playoff performance. So, yeah, they definitely lacked the elite Dman. I Think there something to that saying that a laking elite D can be overcome. But if you're looking at Pen's as the example, you would need the best player in the game, a 2C who's really a 1C, A 70 pt winger (Kessel), and throw in a low cost rookie Entry level contract scorer who produce almost a PPG (Guentzal) in the playoffs. But I do think a solid, deep D group could do it with a strong Goalie and great offence. I'm not big on having any formula like Elite 1C+F+1D=success.
  4. The next captian: #39 Anthony Mantha!

    Watching the recent game where Larkin was mic'd up, you could see how vocal Larkin already is in directing other players. He's quietly taking over the 1C position so far this year and I think he continues these trends of being central to the team, I think it will be him whenever Z retires. I'd be very surprised if Abby is ever in consideration. I think Role players are usually chosen when a team's skilled players are too new to the team/league: eg, Mackenzie was chosen since Ekblad was in his 1st year there, Trocheck, Barkov in their 2nd year (+huberdeau was looking like a disappointment). Z discounted that report and said he'll play until he's unable to. Even if he stopped with 2 years left, Larkin would be 4 years with the team/league and, I think, experienced/respected enough.
  5. The MANtha watch.....

    Not to mention Justin Schultz who had 51 pts and was 7th in the league in defensive scoring last year. So they had 2 of the best offensive Dmen in the league at playoff time this past year - Hard to match up against.
  6. 11/19 GDT - Avalanche at Red Wings - 6:00 PM EST

    The Avs are currently in a playoff spot. And they're 2 pts. behind us with 2 games in hand. They're not really a bottom feeder - like us, they're currently a bubble team.
  7. The MANtha watch.....

    I agree that draft and develop is the way to go since these trades are so rare. But there have been other pretty good Dmen traded: maybe not all #1 guys, but all of Hamilton, Burns, Byfuglien, Erik Johnson, Seth Jones. But anyway, I wouldn't be desperate for the top D trade right now and would have to be quite a player to think of giving up one of these guys like Mantha Larkin, AA who seem so important for the future. We have a few years of drafting and rebuilding so hopefully we do find some good Dmen through the draft.
  8. For those that want Blash G-O-N-E

    Thought this post game interview with Blash was interesting. He talks about AA, Mantha, Larkin a lot, but specifically the part at 5:13 I thought would be interesting to everybody. Certainly a big criticism around here has been Blash's treatment of these young guys. But it seems that, to the coach, they've turned a corner and will be traeted differently. He says specifically around 5:45 (paraphrase)"The learned a lot of tough lessons last some they learned that, you got to let them go a little bit."
  9. Hockey Fights 2017/18

    I don't see that at all. Ericsson was one of the first ones in to the pile going after Tkachuk. When Howard started in on the opposite side of the pile, E was already pressed up against the boards by a couple Flames and tied up with Jankowski (and a ref) for any of the time Howard was involved. For me there's no cause for criticizing E here. He also jumped in to stand up for Tatar at the end of the game. He did well trying to protect teammates. P.S. I just noticed in the video, it looks like Ferland runs over might have hit Ericsson from the bench.
  10. 11/17 GDT Sabres @ Red Wings 7:30 PM EDT

    We've been playing with 11 forwards and 7 Dmen for at least a couple games. I liked the interview with Blash after the last game where he connected the strategy to AA getting the chance to play Center and wing as he's getting double shifted to cover the missing forward. It's all good with me. Especially with the Dmen we have - I'd rather not having anyone playing huge minutes. This way we spread out the icetime for them.
  11. 11/17 GDT Sabres @ Red Wings 7:30 PM EDT

    I always think of this great weird new wave song when you bring up the plastics. Everybody knows!
  12. 2018-19

  13. 2018-19

    Ooops, Wrong thread, haha
  14. 2018-19

    I also think it will be very different than the AA situation. LArkin and Mantha have both a longer track record so there's more base the offer on (and easier comparables). Also, they have more typical usage and don't have the issues of being scratched or used in a sheltered manner this year like AA had. Hope they go the route of longer deals, though that could be tougher for the cap situation since RFA bridge deals are smaller caphits.
  15. 2018-19

    Trades in 2017: Sproul, Jurco, Vanek, Ott, Smith, Sheahan Only 8 teams have had more trades in 2017: Vegas, Montreal, Chicago, Carolina, Arizona, Minny, Dallas, Tampa. Sure, a lot of expiring contracts, but the "Holland never trades anyone" narrative is false. AA wasn't lowballed. We had a whole thread looking at the comparatives. And not giving in to AA's 2.75 demand will help his negotiations with Mantha and Larkin. If he had, I think we'd automatically raise expected salaries.