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  1. There were rumours that they were interested in him. Tatar would bring a bigger return though and they probably wouldn't give up what it would take. I'm sure Kenny would want a good player rather than a pick or prospect for mr. Tatar. Anyway, the hawks are always dealing with cap concerns these days and they couldn't fit Tatar in - especially with him on the verge next year. I think that's got to be a plus for them with Jurco since makes 900 thou and won't be getting much of a raise next year as things stand.
  2. That seems weird to me. Vanek also had his stint with Montreal and reports were that the Habs didn't make a huge attempt to re-sign him after that 2014 playoff run. They already gave up a 2nd and a prospect for him that year - It would be kind of funny if they gave up a similar price just to bring him back again.
  3. You mixed this up when checking stats. Jarnkrok currently has 22 pts in 60 game this season compared to Sheahan's 9. Last season, he had 30 pts. compared to Sheahan's 25.
  4. Jurco had 15pts in 36 games his first year (on pace for 34 pts). In his 2nd year he had 18 pts. in 63 games (on pace for 23-24 pts). On a good offensive team like the Hawks 30 isn't an unreasonable guess.
  5. If Jurco gets us a 3rd then Smith will bring at least a second and Vanek should be a good return. Sad to see the Jurco story went so badly here - I still think he'll be a solid NHL player.
  6. Did not expect that one. Good for Jurco to a fresh start. Wonder how much playing time he gets this year with them.
  7. As an Illitch, it would be fitting for him to be the pizza man at the door...
  8. He already had a stint with the Islanders and he refused to sign with them. And that was when they were doing better. I don't know why he would sign with them now especially with Tavares set to be a UFA after next year.
  9. I saw a tsn report that said some teams are making deals with Vegas so that they'll promise not to take certain players. Apparently that's allowed. It adds a new aspect to the expansion draft and it means teams won't be forced to either trade certain players or lose them to the draft.
  10. I said I don't think it will be as tight as fitting kick's list of players into 6.1 mill. Taking 2 players off that list of players to re-sign absolutely helps the cap crunch. I didn't say that getting rid of them would create cap space.
  11. Yeah found this: Bettman actually says between zero and 2 million. Would be rough for us it stayed flat. Apologies for wasting time discussing an old link - I guess I misread the date. I still don't think it'll be as tight as fitting your list of players in with 6.1 mill after a few possible moves: Smith, Tatar trade? Vegas drafts _____? Trade Franzen's contract, Kronwall to LTIR?
  12. Nevermind, I just realized that my article was from last year. s***. I'll find one with next year's prjection
  13. But that's their number for the current year's cap. a 3 million increase for next year would push it to 76.
  14. The article says "The current salary cap is at $71.4 million." and would go up 3 mill to 74. Wonder why Capfriendly has a different number.
  15. The cap will almost definitely go up. Latest projection was at the board of governors meeting. They said a 3 million increase. So that would leave the available cap space as 9.1 mill. Then there will be someone claimed Vegas, so that gives extra cap space. Could someone like Jensen which won't give much cap space (but will be one less to re-sign), but who knows if it's someone like Howard with his hefty caphit. I really don't think we'll re-sign Smith. I don't think it's a bad thing to ask how much it would take to re-sign him. If anything, It does seem like good negotiating to make a buyer think you're not in a rush to sell and they'll have to persuade you to let a player go.