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  1. Riley Sheahan ( aka Mr Teletubby)

    Even if Larkin and Z play together, I'd prefer Helm at 3C. Lark, Nielsen, Helm would still be ahead of him in my book. I agree Sheahan should be 4C to get him back into a position he's good at while he's still here. I just think there's better options for 3C , which is why I say ship him out. To put him at a place (3C) where he'd raised his trade value, you'd have to move 2 better canditates (Nielsen and Helm) to wing (where neither are great - Nielsen I don't really know) - I don't think that'd be a great option. As for how he plays into the future, we have Nielson and Helm for the next 5 and 4 years respectively as candidates for the 3C spot. As for the top 2 lines, you yourself said that Sheahan not going there, so why would we keep him around to hypothetically replace Z, Nielsen?. I think we're betting on Larkin, Rasmussen, AA(?) at this moment for those top 2 center in the future - plus future draft picks, of course. Keeping Sheahan around hoping he can be a fill in at 2C doesn't seem like it's worth it since I also don't think he's a 2C
  2. Riley Sheahan ( aka Mr Teletubby)

    Completely disagree. Sheahan is slotted as the 4C as is, since we have Z, Larkin, Nielsen slotted in front of him at center. I think Helm would definitely also be a better option as 3C. Sheahan struggled last year because we played him at wing (and he's not so good at the wing) because he got squeezed out of his role. To me, he has no place on the team in any forseable future - perfect trade bait. Also, anyone who complains about Glendening as a 1.8 4th line center should recognize that we'll have Sheahan at 2.075 this year if we keep him.
  3. Pre-Season Games

    Wondering if this means P.A.P. has the edge over Booth. Not sure either will be signed, but I think it's a definite possibility. Also wonder whether Bertuzzi being injured might hurt his pitch for the starting roster in favour of one of these two.
  4. Pierre McGuire on Wings-Tavares

    Yeah it would be a way to fill our 2 biggest holes (and the 2 essential spots on any team IMO), but my "stars aligning" scenario wasn't meant to be realistic. I don't think anyone would trade the top pick, especially with those players in line. We'd have to finish at or near the bottom to get Dahlin ourselves. And doing that would mean that at least some of our key young players would not excel which would hurt the rebuild and probably our chance at attracting JT. I guess just hope for some luck in the next draft - there's plenty of good players it seems and Dmen are hard to predict are often found lower.
  5. Pierre McGuire on Wings-Tavares

    I'm not saying we couldn't be a contender if all our stars aligned: we get JT, draft Dahlin, and key kids (Larkin, Mantha, AA, Mrazek, Cholowski?, Svech?) all take huge steps this year. Just, if JT is looking to to win a cup in a year or 2, I doubt that Red WIngs would anywhere near his top list of sure things. I think the more likely line of thinking that would bring him here would be, as Pierre says, that he'd have center stage here. The only problem with that is whether he'd want to be the captain and ultimate leader of whatever team he plays for. Z is rightfully that guy for as long as he keeps playing.
  6. Pierre McGuire on Wings-Tavares

    This does seem like a long shot, but who knows... Was he close with Nielsen? That also could help us out, if that were true. Orig 6, Close to T.O. so can be around friends + family. Brand new arena (Islanders still don't even have an arena), There's definitely some attractions. If he were looking to win right away, though, he would probably look elsewhere
  7. Pre-Season Games

    Apparently he went from 217 lbs to 230 lbs in the offseason. Guess a broken finger doesn't stop one from lifting weights. I think putting Abby and Mantha with Larkin will help Larkin with the physical side of things.
  8. Pre-Season Games

    LOL at the guy yelling "you blew it"
  9. Daniel Cleary is back on the Red Wings as director of player development

    Your title's a bit worrisome, but congrats to Cleary. Reports were always that he was good as a mentor to younger players.
  10. Will Tyler Bertuzzi Make the Team Out of Camp?

    " peace and harmony..." From those lines, I'd say that Bert definitely makes the team. They already stated when they signed him that Witkowski wouldn't play every game. Obviously P.A.P. is in for AA, so if both those guys were on the team, it'd be questionable, but I doubt that would happen - might not even possible under the cap unless Parenteau would be signed for a low contract like Bert's.
  11. Wonder what the odds are for the 1st overall...

    That'd be like Fredo being named head of the family.
  12. Athanasiou Rumor

    I agree that Blash didn't get the most out of the group, but when we talk just in overarching statements about Blash making everyone playing only defensive hockey it's not true and seems more like a caricature. To talk specifically about the treatment of AA, for instance. AA really didn't play much of a defensive game. So why do people keep saying he was forced to play a defensive game? He was 12th in the league for goals per 60 minutes. So how can it be true that the style of play that he played stunted his offence? He scored a whole lot for the time he was given. I think the valid complaint is the amount of time he was given. With a team as offensively starved as ours, we should have given more minutes to him and Vanek. But even in that, I think the choice is understandable at least. Offensive players that aren't defensive as well are usually given roles on the 3rd line unless they score like Ovechkin or Kane. That's what we also did with him and Vanek (and Minny and the Habs also did with Vanek). And I don't think AA needed to be benched - especially with our under-performers. But the reasons were valid. AA did disappear for stretches. Blash's comment in these times weren't even much to do with defence and more just compete level: "I think there's nights where he's real engaged and I think he's an outstanding player, nights where that engagement isn't the same, whether it's the competitive level or the engagement or the attention to detail," Blashill said. "It's just hopefully a maturation process for him that he can continue to make sure that every night that competitive level is at the level it needs to be to be successful in this league. "It's a league where everybody's so close in talent ... if you don't compete like crazy, then it's hard to be successful. Compete means win puck battles, make sure that you don't get beat defensively. I talked to Ted Lindsay before the season and Ted said, 'Just make sure and tell those players if they go into the corner with another player and they don't come out with the puck, they're a horse-blank hockey player.' That's what it comes down to. Competitiveness, desire to win matters the most. It trumps talent."
  13. Athanasiou Rumor

    What are you basing this on, though? We didn't do most of those things last year. If that's what he expects, he didn't get it. And in interviews, I never heard him say anything like "defence first." I feel like people see are struggling offence from last year and just load the blame on Blashill. Sure, he deserves some, but much is just the state of the team. We had a lot of underperforming players (Larkin, Nyquist, Sheahan etc) new inconsistent guys (AA, Mantha) loss of Pav's production, Defence is kind of a mess and forwards are compensating by playing more D...
  14. Athanasiou Rumor

    The KHL season already started. Most teams have already played 7-8 games of the 60 game season That doesn't mean he won't sign there, but I think it looks less likely that he'll go there. I mean, wouldn't he get a fraction of the 3 mill offer taken off for the missed games? if so, the financial incentive would get less and less as this continues.
  15. DRW Training Camp 2017

    Besides the goal, Cholo has looked impressive. Really composed with the puck. Doesn't ditch it when he gets pressure on.