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  1. The problem with comparing their AHL stats is that Sheahan only played about 1.5 years there. Also, In their first years, Nosek does have a better PPG, but Sheahan's 2nd - incomplete - year has a much better PPG than Nosek's 2nd year. So, I'm not sure that AHL stats show Nosek to have a higher ceiling. But, anyway, I was really on the side of keeping Sheahan so we can trade him. I didn't think of the better scenario that you mention - where we trade him before the expansion draft. That makes the most sense. Then we still get a return for him and then if we don't have either of these cheap prospects exposed, it might be more likely that one of our larger contracts gets taken. The only problem with that is that teams may not want to take on a player that they have to protect then.
  2. I agree with most of that article, but protecting Nosek over Sheahan seems like a mistake to me. If only for the consideration that Sheahan had some interest at the trade deadline. We could trade him in the offseason or see if he turns it around and maybe trade him at the deadline. From what I've seen, I've never thought Nosek would be a player for us. I understand that he's more than a PPG in this year's playoffs - has he been that good to suddenly get some hype on him? We're less than a month from the draft - It will be interesting to see what happens.
  3. Penguins vs. Predators sounds like the worst sci-fi reboot yet. Go PK and Pekka!!!
  4. Has there ever been a coach who trash talks the other team's players? 'Cause there might be now. Congrats to Ott. Seemed like a thoroughly good guy from his time here.
  5. Only turned it on for the end of the 3rd, but what I saw, Pens deserved that. I thought they dominated overtime.
  6. Close enough for what? You said 4 guys make 5 mill so you did round it up.
  7. Oops, I made a mistake in the other post: Only Green and Dekeyser make 5+, not Kronwall. I don't think anyone would round 4.25 Up to 5 mill.
  8. Green had the 8th most goals for NHL defensemen this year. Played a lot of time on our top pair and was often our best D man (especially in the first half). So, no, I don't think he was overpaid at all. Also, he was a UFA signing at age 30 - around when players go for the huge deals. 6 mil for 3 years was a great deal. He's been very good for us and presents no problems for the cap future since he could be gone after this year. Or we could trade him for assets at the deadline, if he waives his NTC. Or we re-sign him if we solve the cap problems if we somehow shed E (unlikely) or Kronwall's knees force him to LTIR.
  9. Green is not overpaid. All the commentary at the time was questioning how we got him for only a 3 year deal. Was a great deal. Also, only Green and DD make more than 5 million.
  10. After the season, Holland said at one of the press conferences that they felt they especially owed it to some people to continue the streak. I heard that especially to mean Mr. I. The streak might not mean much to you, but it's a big part of his legacy as an owner. It's one of the numbers that will stick out in the history books.
  11. Wait, What?! Hall was a hefty price. Addition by subtraction means you gain just by losing a player. I doubt anyone would say that about Hall. As for Schultz, no one expected a big return for him, because - as Nyq...future said he was pretty much a bust at the time.
  12. I thought the same thing. Klein is still signed to NY, so it could be he's suggesting a trade for a guy we can flip at the deadline. He's missing Howard in his final lineup, so maybe it's some weird 3 way trade with Calgary-NY? Not enough explanation of the final lineup. Other problems with the article: - He misses some of added list from this past year: Mantha, AA, Sproul, Ott - Sproul's put on the bottom of the depth chart below Hicketts and Russo?
  13. Don't want him. He's not good at face offs.
  14. This response pretty much confirms Holland's current 'damned if you do, damned if you don't' status.
  15. Apparently they also signed Emil Petterson. Wonder if there's any relation to the Petterson in this draft. They already have more swidish players than us on their roster, so they're definitely out-swedeing us these days. There should be a Swedish mafia war. They'll go to the ikea mattresses.