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  1. Macomb Community College hockey

    Hey congrats on getting the urge to start this up. If you need any help get a hold of me and I can help you out. This year Muskegon Community College is putting a college team on the ice. I am not too sure that you have nearly enough time to get it all said and done before the season starts. Keep in mind the coach costs, ice costs, ref costs, league dues. Not to mention you'll need a college faculty member to oversee it all. It might be D-III but the teams that you'll be going against you'll be looking to lose alot of games. GVSU, Davenport, and Hope college seem to rule D-III North. Make sure you get Jackson CC, Muskegon CC, Delta, Lawerence and Detroit Mercy on the schedule if you do get it started. Don't rush it, if you can't get the team on the ice this year. Do a mens league, get people interested, raise money for league dues and get it planned out well.